Thank you so much for reading Space a Go Go !
I had a lot of motives to create this site but the biggest one was my own experience of seeing a UFO at the age of 10. My friends and I were so surprised to see a big cigar-like metal floating in the sky just in front of us. I still remember it very clearly.
Since then I have not seen UFOs anymore but I became interested in ancient remains. The magazines which had articles about UFOs and ancient ruins was popular among students when I was at junior high school.
I was so excited to read it because it has hidden stories of ancient remains, OOParts and UFOs, which history textbooks did not contain. I thought that ancient remains might have something to do with advanced scinece.
When we learned the theory of evolution at a science class, my instinct told me, "That's just not possible!" A monkey gradually changed into a man ? It's ridiculous ! If it were true, the world would be full of incomplete lives on the way of evolution, such as a high jumper with a growing wing on his back, or a friend in the swimming club having one lung and breathing with gills.
But we never have seen such incomplete lives being evolving. I instinctively thought that Darwinism is a little unresonable.
At the age of 30, I worked as a contact lens fitter and visited a lot of contact lens shops in the suburbs of Tokyo. Since it took an average of ninety minutes, I was so bored in the train that I began to read many books I bought at bookshops near stations. I found myself buying books about ancient ruins and OOParts that I had forgotten since I was a junior high student.
In the meanwhile, things had progressed in the field and the books taught me that the footprints of humans and of dinosaurs were found in the same geological stratum and that the theory of evolution is very dubious. Many authors pointed out that all civilizations, ruins, myths on the earth are similar to each other and that some identical people must have left those things.
Especially Fingerprints of the Gods by Graham Hancock was persuasive and popular all across the world. He termed the people as "third party."
Many authors suppose that "third party" is extraterrestrial and among them Erich von Daniken and Zecharia Sitchin are famous. Considering the UFO I saw, I thought their theory would be right.
However it was not unknown specifically what kind of extraterrestrial is "third party." While I was thinking about that, I found a book entitled The Message Given by Extraterrestrials written by Rael and I said to myself, "I found it !" My intuition told that Extraterrestrial Elohim in the book is "third party" that created ancient civilizations.
This is a 1991version. Now this book is known as Intelligent Design.
If I had not had the background knowledge, and if I had not seen a UFO, I am not sure if I could have instantly understood The Message Given by Extraterrstrials. I think I was very lucky.
The book might be a kind of an intelligence test given by the extraterrestrials to us.
However the truth of the book will soon be common sense shared all across the world.
After reading the book, I attended to Rael's lecture in Tokyo on August 6th, 2002. Since I understood that his book is right, I wanted to see Rael directly. He was gentle and pleasant, and had personal magnetism.
There were also many members of the Raelian Movement there. I was impressed that they were bright and pure, and very positive.
The Raelian Movemnet has sixty thousand members over 86 countries. Frankly, a new religion couldn't have members over 86 counrties. I think that the message of the Elohim spread all over the world because it is true.
The Raelian Movement is a group of volunteers in the true sense of the world rather than a religion. They are people who gather to help Rael for peace of the Earth.
Two thousand years ago, people who gathered around Jesus were called a cult and criticized (as was the case with people who gathered around Buddha, Mohammed and Smith), but today nobody thinks about Christians like that.
Raelians are like those who accompanied with Buddha still in obscurity, like those who helped Jesus while he was called a false prophet, or like those who followed Mohammed when he was driven out of Mecca.
In sum, there are always truths in any time in the history of our world. I am very happy to know that.
Thank you again for reading, and I wish you will have more happiness and health !