8  A book of messages from the Elohim named "Intelligent Design Message from the Designers" exists ! 
 It may be surprising to hear that the Elohim of the Bible are not fantasy but are people who actually exist now. But these Elohim actually do seem to exist. The evidence is the existence of the book "Intelligent Design Message from the Desingers (Rael)." This book is a book of messages given to us 21th century earthlings by extraterrestrial Elohim. 
Though I have read a variety of ancient books and literary documents and had a vague idea that extraterrestrials created humans, I too was astonished when I first learned that this idea is real and concrete. In addition, this book can be found in big book shops very easily. I was amazed once again.
   真実を告げる書 中国版  イタリア版

This is reputable and much talked of "Intelligent Design Message from the Designers"(now a free e-book). A best seller with two million copies in twenty-two languages. This one is truly great !From the left: English, Japanese, Chinese, Thai, Italian, There are many more.
 If you hear of a book that's a message from extraterrestrials, even if you have an interest in the subject, you may at first go "What ?" I also felt this way at first, but after reading, I thought "Wow !" Because its content is consistent with the latest wisdom of archaeology, science, and space theory, and moreover even greater ideas about the future are written very intellectually. These don't seem to be the kind of ideas that could have been fabricated by people. It seems that this is clearly a message from people who are more sophisticated and advanced than us.
The doctor of science, and also author, Yuji Toki wrote the following about "Intelligent Design Message from the Designers":

"I also pursued Rael's (author of "Intelligent Design Message from the Designers") main assertions in literature other than the Bible. I was surprised to find that myths and traditions that have been handed down by every people connect with one trunk. And that's not all. His assertions also work effectively not only in the humanities but also in the natural sciences. This had an impact on me." (Copied Genes of Gods  Kadokawa Shoten)

A picture of the moment Rael met the representative of Elohim, Yahweh.

                 Left: Rael racing in his yellow race car. Right:The race car driver, Rael, on the far left.
 "Intelligent Design Message from the Designers"was written by a French man, Claude Vorilhon "Rael." In the 1970s, he was a young race car driver and the editor of a car sport magazine. One morning, he suddenly wanted to go to the mountains and went to a certain mountain by car. A single UFO appeared. An Eloah (singular form of Elohim) came down from the UFO that had landed in front of Rael (left picture). The Eloah was the Yahweh that appears in the Bible. Yahweh informed Rael that he is the messenger of Elohim and that his birth had been planned by the Elohim. Yahweh gave Rael a message to human beings about the past and the future of the earth, and said that he wanted Rael to give the messages to all people.
 In the Bible, there are scenes in which Yahweh (the Lord) invites Moses (the messenger of that age) inside his cloud (this means a UFO) on Mt. Sinai they have meals together and talk to each other. The Lord in the Bible, Yahweh, is not a non-existent god at all, but a normal living extraterrestrial (human). Only his life span is longer than ours.

 According to this book, Yahweh, the representative of Elohim, appears to be is "only about four feet (1.2 meters) tall,"and he "wore some sort of green one-piece suit, which covered his entire body," and "his skin was white with a slightly greenish tinge." Their planet is "a distant planet," located where "it is impossible to reach with your present level of scientific and technical knowledge." But they can come over this distance in "as long as it takes to think about it." Yahweh usually stays in "an intergalactic ship" which parks "close to the earth."
 Yahweh invited Rael inside the spaceship and said the following.
"You will tell human beings about this meeting, but you will tell them the truth about what they are, and about what we are. Judging from their reaction we will know if we can show ourselves freely and officially." (Intelligent Design Message from the Designers P )
 And Yahweh conveyed the most recent message of the Elohim to humanity.
 The message about the future and the past was as follows:
 Scientists and artists of Elohim (left) visited the earth 25,000 years ago, when living things did not yet exist, and compounded DNA chemically and carried out various life-creation experiments. Progressing from simple life to complex life, they finally created us eathlings "in thier own image."
Adam, Eve and Lucifer. According to Rael's 2006 announcement, the first earthglings, Adam and Eve, were black men. They were taught forbidden science ["the forbidden fruit"] by Lucifer from a "snake" team of scientists.
 That is to say, plants, insects, fish, birds, animals, and human beings did not naturally evolved, but were scientifically created by the Elohim.
 As mentioned in the second chapter, the reason 86% of the genes of humans and chimpanzees differ was in the genetic engineering of the Elohim.
 In the beginning, it seems that the Elohim lived with earthlings, and taught them the basics of living, but before long came to watch over the earth from outside the planet. Earthlings soon developed science but the planetary government of the Elohim recognized the earthlings' scientific independence as a danger and ordered the destruction of all things on earth by nuclear bomb. Some scientists of Elohim knew of the plan, and made an earthling, Noah, collect male and female cells of all living things and helped him escape to the outer space in a rocket. Due to the nuclear explosion the Great Flood occurred and the continent was divided. This is the truth behind the legend of the Great Flood and Noah's ark.
Noah and a scientist (perhaps a beauty) gathered the DNA of all living things and escaped in a three-storied rocket. After that it seems the rocket orbited about the earth.
 However, after that, due to archaeological discoveries on the Elohim's own planet, they found that they themselves had also been created by extraterrestrials in the past. Due to this, they decided that they would simply watch over the progress of humans, and never destroy them.
 Eventually, in order that the earthlings they had created could use their own power to advance, the Elohim made prophets, or messengers, for each ageto be born on the earth, such as Moses, Buddha, Jesus, Mohammed and Joseph Smith. These famous prophets were chosen by the Elohim by design and popularized messages that were suitable to each age.
 Left: The Buddha, the Elohim's messenger of 3030 years ago. Right: Rael, today's messenger of the Elohim. This photo appeared in Vogue magazine.
 Human beings entered an age in which all things can be understood scientifically from the day the atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima. Then Elohim made the final messenger Rael, who would announce that this age has come, be born on earth. Rael's mission was to spread the last message of the Elohim around the earth, and build an embassy to welcome the Elohim. In the near future (by the year of 2035), the Elohim will visit the embassy and meet with important people of the earth. When the Elohim and we earthlings become friends, the earth will be a member of space civilization and all humans will be able to live peaceful and happy lives.
 The Elohim Embassy
 Yahweh, the representative of Elohim, wanted Rael to make a book of this message and publish it. This is how the book "Intelligent Design Message from the Designers" came to be.
 The Extraterrestrial Elohim gave us Buddhist scriptures about 3000 years ago, the Bible about 2000 years ago, and the Koran about 1300 years ago. These were appropriate messages for each age and place, and now in the 21th century, the newest message from the Elohim is "Intelligent Design Message from the Designers."
 You may wonder if this is actually the truth or not. But if you have the background information provided by this site, you might find that this story is possible. That's right, these stories are not science fiction, they are real !
 I support Raelian Movement which Rael runs, although I am not a member of it. What I most want to say on this site is that there are a lot of people who think of the extraterrestrial Elohim and what Rael says as true. I want to convey that creation of earth living things by extratrrestrial Elohim is true from the perspective of archaeology, geology, and genetics. Those who made ancient ruins such as the Great Pyramid in Egypt, the Pyramid of the Sun in Maya were Elohim. "The third people" such as the Viracochas, the Osiris, the Quetzalcoatl, the Oannes who gave civilizaitons to the entire world, such as Sumer, and Indus, Egypt, China, and Mexico were Elohim.
The Great Pyramid at Giza and the Pyramid of the Sun in Mexico were built by Elohim.
(Left) The Mayan civilization pyramid of Palenque, and Mexico... no, the Java Island pyramids of Indonesia (right). The reason why there are similar pyramids all over the world is that makers are all extraterrestrial Elohim.


Worldwide statues of God. These statues are all of Elohim in space suits. The eyes of the space helmets are light-shielding goggles. They have tools in both hands. Or they place their hands in different directions. In the beginning of history, Elohim taught basics of civilization to earthlings and then left. Since then the Elohim have been observing us develop ourselves.
Elohim at ruins in Sichuan, China. Left: He has his right hand on top as in the picture above. Right: He wears light-shielding goggles. An Elohim helmet for the China area. It is very interesting that designs are different for different regions. Funny designs can often be seen.
The common Hawaiian souvenir Tiki (A Hawaiian god) may be an Eloah in a space suit. It is a funny design which its open mouth is goggles.

 Atlantis and Mu are countries that existed before Noah's Flood, which occurred because of a nuclear explosion. Due to the explosion, the continent, which used to be united was divided into the five continents of today. The mysterious brand-new gypsum layer that was referred to in chapter two was made when all sea water was vaporized the moment of the nuclear explosion. As evidence of that, many scientists including Nobel Prize winner Dr. Luis Alvarez of the University of California, have pointed out that a huge explosion, which was as much as a few thousands to ten thousand times the power of all nuclear weapons that exist today, occurred in the past on the earth.
 In the Caribbean Sea and all over the world there are traces of melting at unusually high temperature. In 1990's, a circular crater that is estimated to be at least 170km in diameter was found in a strutum of the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico. It is said that the power of impact equaled ten billion explosions of a Hiroshima type atomic bomb. This may be a trace of not a meteorite, but of the nuclear bomb that caused Noah's Flood.
The trench of the sea somehow encloses continents of the world if Jerusalem is centered. This is evidence that the continents used to be one with Jerusalem at the center of the continent.
The beautiful flowers and plants that can be seen every day, microorganisms, insects, fish, animals such as cats and dogs and beautiful nature such as the Niagara Waterfalls, are all the creations of the Elohim scientists and artists. And we human beings are also works of art that the Elohim created scientifically.
The reason that life went from fish to land animals is evolution due to genetic manipulation by Elohim.




       These are all works of them.

Why did both the ancient Egyptians and the Mayans especially like small people and worship them ? Because they worshipped Elohim.
The pyramid of Ushumal, Maya. Legend says that small people who appeared from eggs built it up in only one night. In Egypt there is the same tradition. They were Elohim who came in spaceships.
 According to local myth, the ruins of Nanmador were built automatically as stones flew all by themselves with a sound like a whistle.
  Ponape Island is located between Guam and Hawaii.
It is also said that stone statues at Easter island climbed by themselves onto pedestals. Such technology is very easy fo Elohim, who can change the orbit of a planet.
 Speaking of planets, the solar system we live in may have been made or remodelled by Elohim. Descripitions that hint this exist in ancient Sumerian documents, and only in our solar system do planets get smaller as they get closer to the sun.
 The numbers 0 to 9 numbers and letters A to Z have been found designed on the wings of butterflies. This, of course, is not a coincidence. It is a small hint to human beings.


A collections of letters and numbers on butterflies by the American photographer, Kjell Sandved. He collected to these photos from around the world over 20 years (great !).
 Please look at the photo below. This hammer was found from a strutum that is geologically four hundreds and fifty million years ago. Moreover this hammer is made of high purity 96.6% iron and also includes 2.6% chlorine. However, we can not create chlorine containing metal alloys with present technology.
From this we understand that the civilization of the earth has not progressed in a straight line. A big civilization got buried all at once under mud and water by Noah's Flood and since then our current civilization has existed.
Fossilized iron hammer which was found at Texas in the mid 1980s. This was made by Noah's Flood 5000years ago. It is not from four hundred million years ago. In 21th centuries things will begin from changing our way of thinking.

 what is supposed to be the bones of an Eloah were found in Indonesia. Fossils of hobbit-sized human, which seem to be from 18,000 years ago were discovered on Flores Island, Indonesia. It is a fossil of a female who has a height one meter and brain one-third the size of human's.

Some scientists supposed that it is the fossil of a Pygmy or person with microcephaly. But the president of the department of Anthropology at Florida state university and world famous paleoneurologist, DR. Dean Falk, concluded that the hobbit-sized fossils are bones of a new species that is closely relates to humans. Evidences of elaborate tools that show the use of fire were found near the fossils. Falk made a skull model of the fossil and ascertained that the brain had a frontal lobe and anatomical features that agree with conditions for higher cognizance, and that it can be classified not a case of microcephaly but as a normal person. The brain was the opposite to that of microcephaly.

Falk said the following:

"What kind of lineage do they have ? What are their relatives ? And what does it mean to the evolution of humans ? These are what really make me exicite about this discovery. "


  The pretty skull of Homo floresiensis. Is she an Eloah ? (Reuters)

      The ID theory
 Many scientists now advocate, for example, the theory of creation, in which all life on earth was created by intelligent beings, extraterrestrials. On September 20, 2004 the theory of creation was announced at the Institute of USA with the name the Theory of Intelligent Design (the ID theory). Today, in the USA, the ID theory, in which intelligent beings designed the universe and the living world, is an explosive topic among scientists. The theory came to be supported by many astronomers, biologists, and scientists from broad fields.

In the time when Darwin lived, nobody knew of the existence of genes. After Darwin died, DNA was discovered.

DNA contains billions of bits of information which maintains the existence of flowers or humans and so on. Additionally, DNA is constantly monitored so that the information it contains does not change, and that broken parts of it are restored automatically.


In a word, genes are made so that they do not naturally change. More information can not be added to them. The only way in which the genes of life can be changed is through intentional genetic manipulation.

It is only natural that ID theory should emerge in today’s world, after the power of science has discovered things such as this.

ID theory is supported by many famous scientists in the United States and the number of supporters is increasing explosively. In the future, more and more scientists will surely throw their weight behind it.

According to Dr. Steven Meyer, the head of the Chicago Discovery Institute, there are 514 scientists (200) who object to Darwinism, all in possession of a doctorate. Among them is Henry Sherfer, the head of Stanley Solarus, Professor Emeritus of New York City University (evolutionary biology), and Philip Skell, Professor Emeritus of Pennsylvania State University (the member of the National Academy of Sciences).

ID theory has been introduced in textbooks in the mid-west of USA and biology textbooks in Canada. In reference to the teaching of evolution in public school biology classes, in 2004 the board of education in Dover, Pennsylvania State declared that "Darwin's theory of evolution is not a fact, it is ultimately only a hypothesis." The board made it a requirement that schools introduce books that taught about ID theory. Furthermore, there has been a suggestion that President Bush supports ID theory (nice one, George).


 Recent biochemistry and molecular biology identify that living things are extremely well adapted to their environments and can be called living machines.

Biochemist Biehe, who is the author of "Darwin’s Black Box," said that a theory in which life evolved by chance cannot explain its origin and affirms that it must have had a designer.

This is because, at a microscopic level, life is like a machine that cannot be simplified any further.

For example, a bacteria of bacillus moves by rotating its flagellums 15000 times ( ! ) a minute. At the root of its flagellum there is a structure called the flagellum motor; it consists of a rod that goes through four rings in two pairs. There is a joint called the hook on the outside of the root, and a flagellum fiber is connected to the hook. The flagellum fiber has a structure in which a series of eleven tiny proteins wind round to form a spiral with a hollow center.

With a structure like this, anyone who saw it would say it was a machine. If any one of its parts were not there it could not function because this machine is composed only of those elements that are necessary. It is therefore not possible for it to have been created by evolution, or for it to evolve further. This is because the flagellum would not be able to function if its parts were to change. Furthermore, if it were made by a process of changing, it would not have been able to function beforehand. In a word, it can only be determined that this flagellum system was initially created in its entirety.


       The flagellum motor. I love it !

For example, if my cell phone lacked a certain part, it would be impossible for me to talk over it. Alternatively, if a proper part were to be added in the wrong place, it will still not work. This cellular phone exists in this form because somebody has worked hard to design it the way it is (of course).

Similarly, this flagellum motor of a bacterium is the smallest motor in the world (2/100000 millimeters in diameter). It must have been made by somebody.

It is by looking at such a small part of a bacterium that one can see that it cannot have been created naturally. Furthermore, the human body, which can be described as an accumulation of precise parts such as this, can not have been made by nature.

Yuji Toki, a doctor of science, said the following.

"The theory of evolution says that in the beginning one single cell started the gradual acquisition of different elements. Yet the parts and systems which can be seen in life would not work if all of their elements weren’t there to begin with. In other words, these kinds of systems would never work by having their parts gradually arranged as the theory of evolution suggests."

It has been put forward that humans and other living creatures were complete from the beginning. There have never been signs up in a living creature’s body that read "the eyes are currently under construction."

Therefore, why does the conventional theory of evolution still appear so resplendently in the textbooks of today when it cannot explain the mechanism of life?

Watanabe, who is a professor of Kyoto University and has advocated ID theory promptly in Japan, said the following.

"Until now, natural science had said that what is at work in the universe has neither spirit nor direction and is an automated factor. It is not science to admit to other factors.
But ID theory insists that a factor of "design" should be accepted. Because it is obvious that the creation of this universe can't be explained without some purpose, intention, and mind.
Natureism, like the theory of evolution, can't explain the origin and the history of the universe or life anymore.
To admit design is to assume designers. If science is the road to reach the truth, there must not be prohibition.
But nobody could say that this (the theory of natureism) is wrong for a long time."

 English astronomer Sir Fred Hoyle, another strong critic of chemical evolution as the explanation of life's origin, also promoted the theory that life arrived here from space.

Incidentally, Hoyle was also a strong critic of the Big Bang theory, and he rejected it as an explanation of the origin of the universe. In 1982, commenting about his theory of "Cosmic Creationism," he said, "If one proceeds directly and straightforwardly in this matter, without being deflected by a fear of incurring the wrath of scientific opinion, one arrives at the conclusion that biomaterials, with their amazing measure or order, must be the outcome of intelligent design.

Over 700 scientists from around the world have expressed their unease concerning the theory of evolution by signing a statement expressing their skepticism. The statement says in part: "We are skeptical of claims for the ability of random mutation and natural selection to account for the complexity of life. Careful examination of the evidence for Darwinian theory should be encouraged."

A famous biologist and the author of "The Selfish Gene" Richard Dawkins commented:


"It could be that at some earlier time, somewhere in the universe, a civilization evolved, probably by some kind of Darwinian means, probably to a very high level of technology, and that it designed a form of life it seeded perhaps onto this planet. Now that is a possibility, and an intriguing possibility. And suppose it's possible you might find evidence for that. If you look at the details of biochemistry, of molecular biology, you might find a signature of some sort of designer."

These scientists' comments are logical and in perfect agreement with current scientific knowledge.

1. The likely existence of extraterrestrial, intelligent life is now accepted as a strong possibility by both the public and the scientific community. In 2001, there were 14 SETI projects operating on astronomers' telescopes, and more are planned.
2. Biologists such as Craig Venter are creating new, artificial forms of life.
3. Teams at NASA have plans to implant life on different planets (see NASA's "terraforming" programs).
4. Civilizations across the planet have historical traditions and narratives concerning "those who created us and went back to the stars," including the story told by the Bible in Genesis which relates that the "Elohim" created us. Note that "Elohim" is a Hebrew word in plural form, and that it has nothing to do with the common mistranslation, "God." In fact, "Elohim" literally means: "those who came from the sky."

I think that it is Elohim that ID theory refers to as designers.

Creation of life on earth by the Elohim
 Yahweh, the representative of Elohim, through the book "Intelligent Design Message from the Designers," spoke about the scientific creation of humans and living things on the earth as follows.
The representative of Elohim, Yahweh is giving the message to Rael inside the ship. Elohim have a height of 1.2meters to 1.4meters.
"A very long time ago on our distant planet, we had reached a level of technical and scientific knowledge, comparable to that which you will soon reach. Our scientists had started to create primitive, embryonic forms of life, namely living cells in test tubes. Everyone was thrilled by this.
 The scientists perfected their techniques and began creating bizarre little animals but the government, under pressure from public opinion, ordered the scientists to stop their experiments for fear they would create monsters, which would become dangerous to society. In fact one of these animals had broken loose and killed several people.
 Since at that time, interplanetary and intergalactic explorations had also made progress, the scientists decided to set out for a distant planet where they could find most of the necessary conditions to pursue their experiments. They chose Earth where you live. Now I would like you to refer to the Bible where you will find traces of the truth about your past. These traces, of course, have been somewhat distorted by successive transcribers who could not conceive of such high technology and could therefore only explain what was described as being a mystical and supernatural force. ...
 Let the earth grow vegetation, grass and trees, which have in them their own seed according to their species. Genesis 1: 11
 In this magnificent and gigantic laboratory, they created vegetable cells from nothing other than chemicals, which then produced various types of plants. ... The most brilliant artists came and joined the scientists in order to give some plants purely decorative and pleasing roles, either through their appearance or their perfume. ...
 Let the waters teem with an abundance of living animals, and let the birds fly above the Earth. Genesis 1: 20
 Next they created the first aquatic animals, from plankton to small fish, then very large fish. They also created seaweed to balance this little world, so that the small fish could feed on it and the bigger fish could eat the small fish in turn. ...
 The scientists and artists met often and organized competitions to determine which team had created the most beautiful or most interesting animals.
 After the fish they created birds. This was done under pressure, it must be said, from the artists, who went out of their way to create the most stunning forms with the craziest colors. Some of them had great trouble flying because their beautiful features were very cumbersome.
       A surprisingly artistic bird.
 Some other groups of scientists created frightful animals, veritable monsters, ... These were dragons, what you call dinosaurs and brontosaurs.
 Let the living animals emerge from the earth according to their species: livestock, reptiles, and wild animals, according to their species. Genesis1: 24
 After marine organisms and birds, the scientists created land animals on a planet where the vegetation had by now become magnificent. There was plenty of food for the herbivores. These were the first land animals which were created. Later they created carnivores to balance the herbivorous population. Here too, the species had to maintain equilibrium. Those scientists who did all this came from the same planet as me. I am one of those people who created life on Earth.

There seemed to be criticism from the planet of the Elohim regarding the scientific creation of dinosaurs.

 It was at that time that the most skilful among us wanted to create an artificial human being like ourselves. Each team set to work and very soon we were able to compare our creations. But on our home planet people were outraged when they heard that we were making "test tube children" who might come to threaten their world. They feared that these new human beings could become a danger if their mental capacities or powers turned out to be superior to those of their creators. So we had to agree to leave the new humans to live in a very primitive way without letting them know anything scientific, and we made our own actions mystifying to them. It is easy to work out how many teams of creators did this - each race on Earth corresponds to a team of creators."

Let us make man in our image after our likeness: let them have authority over the fish of the sea and the birds of the sky, over the livestock, over all wild animals and over all the reptiles which crawl on the earth. Genesis 1: 26

Elohim look so much like us that nobody notices them if they walk in our town.


 Surprisingly, Elohim produced life, simple and complex, from just chemicals like this, and scientifically created plants, fish, birds, mammals, one after the other. That's why we are now under the illusion that Darwinism is the truth. Though evolution is not wrong, all life on earth did not evolved naturally, but was made to evolve in the laboratory by genetic manipulation by scientists. While the creation of life was written in the Bible, the word that should be translated as Elohim, or those who came from the sky, is translated as God in the today's Bible, so the story of creation seems to be a fantasy tale in which God did magic. The truth is that life was created by scientists. Is there any other fact that can satisfy modern people other than this ?

 Because of the insistence of the gene scholar, Dr. Kazuo Murakami, that "human genes must be involved by designers," the opinion of Nobel prize winner Francis Crick that "Living things on earth were created by intellectual beings from another planet," and the discovery by the authority on decoding Sumerian ancient documents, Zecharia Sitchin, that "the scientists of Anunnaki created humans by genetic manupulation," these opinions of the geniuses of the earth becomes one picture of the message of Elohim. Oh, my god. The reason that wings grow from backs of birds is not that the birds waited for a miracle for a few hundred million years, but that scientists gave birds wings so that they could fly.

   The universe as taught by Elohim

 Modern cosmology has come to the conclusion that the universe is infinite and it is not strange if there are intelligent beings of various forms, minimum or maximum intellectual beings, as the professor of Tokyo University, Dr. Katsuhiko Sato said in chapter 1. The Elohim explain about the universe as follows.


December 13, 1973. Rael met Yahweh, the representative of the Elohim.

"Progress continues, and our own research continues for the purpose of understanding and relating to the large being of whom we are a part, and on whose atoms we are parasites. These atoms are the planets and the stars.
In fact we have been able to discover intelligent living beings in the infinitely small, who live on particles that are planets and suns to them. They ask the same questions as ourselves.
Humanity is a disease inside this gigantic being and the planets and stars are its atoms. Also this same gigantic being is in its turn a parasite on other greater atoms. in both directions infinity exists."
 Surprisingly, our universe lies in an enormous living thing and atoms, electrons, and elementary particles are planets. And such the universe appears and disappears much in our bodies too. The words in the book of Dr. Katsuhiko Sato, "there could be some intelligent beings for whom it takes hundred billion years to think something. Their brain is so far from their feet that it takes them ten million years to notice if their foot has been stamped on. Or there could be living things who think at a speed of one-several trillionths of that of humans. " proves this quite well.
 From this, you may see that the remarks of the Elohim are appropriate from the viewpoint of the latest opinions of our modern science and also surpass them. The universe is infinite and we are a part inside a living body, and inside our bodies an infinite universe exists and small intellectual beings live in it. That is beyond our imagination !


A crop circle from the Elohim. Every year many beautiful circles appear in England. 90 percent of cropcircles are made by men. But the makers of the other 10 percent are unknown. Those are the works of the Elohim.

 Extraterrestrial Elohim said the following about the cycle of life in the universe.

 "We did not know when we were creating you that we were accomplishing a secondary mission "written" into us, thus repeating what had been done for us.
From what we created and how it has developed we have discovered our own origins. For ewe were also created by other people who have since disappeared. Their world has quite certainly disintegrated, but thanks to them, we were able to continue in their steps and create you.
We may diappear one day, but by then you will have replaced us and taken over our roles. So you are the next linkin the precious chain of human continuity. Other worlds exist and humanity is certainly developing in other parts of the universe."

 It seems that all lives in the cycle of the universe are due to some intelligent beings creating new intelligent beings, then the new intelligent beings mature and create new intelligent beings again.

 The new intellectual beings are us humans, so someday we will create new humans on another planet. They may be cat humans or we may create them in our image. Just as at that time humans misunderstood Elohim as gods, we may also be called God by mistake.

 However, in order for that, and for humans to join to space civilizations, maturity is needed .

 Elohim said the following:

 "If people on Earth want us to give them the benefit of our experience and help them gain 25,000 years of scientific knowledge, they have to show us to that they want to meet us and above all demonstrate that they deserve it so that all this can be done without any danger to us.

If we give our knowledge to humanity, we have to be sure they will make good use of it. Our observations in recent years have not shown that wisdom rules the Earth. Certainly there has been progress, but some people still die of hunger and a warlike spirit still exists throughout the world. we know that our arrival could improve many things and unite nations but we have to feel that people really want to see us and that they are truly ready to be unified.

We have to feel that they really want to see us arrive, knowing fully who we are and unestanding the true meaning of our arrival."

 If we don't let wars happen, remove borders and organize the world government, and we hope for a visit from the Elohim after understanding their existence, they will come down to the earth. That's when humans can join in space civilizations.


A small spaceship of Elohim. Crossed two intertwined triangles, swastika are the symbol of Elohim.


 When the Elohim come down to the earth, what will happen to us ? Actually many wonderful things will be realized. Just as in other planets' civilizations, robots will do labor instead of us and we will be able to get everything by nanotechnology. Since things are produced in molecular size by nanotechnology. Food and everything else will appear by putting a button. As everybody can have everything, people will begin to not place value in having things. We will only do what we want to do everyday (what a great life !).

 Next, our lifespan will extend. We will be able to live for seven hundred to a thousand years and still look young. At the planet of Elohim, all live like this. This story is not a fantasy at all. If we notice and want it, it will be possible within about ten years. If we only understand the existence of extraterrestrials, Elohim will bring us this super happy life that continues 1000years. If your actions are very good, you will have an eternal life. Elohim who are involved in this earth project all have eternal lives. They copy their bodies by cloning and download their current personal information to these bodies. These things are possible with our science power of today if most of humans want it.

 But there are humans who fear noticing the existence of extraterrestrials. That is, the people who actually rule the world of today on earth: people who control goverments, people from governments, presidents of weapon companies, the American army, the Vatican and so on. As some people who have power and money do not want to lose their privileged life, they try to not to infom us of extraterrestrials, UFOs, and Elohim even if they know well about these things. Because they know well that if we know of the existence of space civilizations in outer space, the governments and economic systems of today will all collapse. The more ignorant we are, the more they laugh. On the other hand, by just understanding the existence of Elohim, more people can have a happy and high quality life. Today, five thousand years after Noah's Flood, a big chance for humans to step up is coming.

Life on the planet of the Elohim and the scientific method of immortal life

 Yahweh answered Rael's questions in the book "Intelligent Design the Message from the Designers."

"How many of you are there ?"
" We are a population of about seven billion.""We have met on six consecutive days, but did you always go back each time to your own planet ?"
"No, I returned to an intergalactic ship which we use as a base and which stays constantly close to the Earth."
"How many of you are on that vessel ?"
"Seven, and on our planet there are seven provinces. Each has a representative on that vessel. If we add the two who are responsible for the vessel, there are permanently nine of us."
     ufoその2 仲良くなって乗せてもらおう
A complete view of the Elohim Embassy. Elohim hoped for Rael to make an Embassy so they can officially visit the earth. This is not the first time. A long time ago, before Christ, Elohim asked the king of Solomon to build them a house. That was the Solomon temple. As it appears in the Bible, Elohim told Solomon how to build the temple in precise detail. This time the Elohim also gave Rael a design. It seems that one third of the budget of the Elohim Embassy has now been collected.
"If the people here on Earth do exactly as you wish, what will happen ?"
"We will come officially and land at the residence, which you will have prepared. We will ask you to invite there the official representatives of the most important countries of humanity, in order to bring about total unification of the people on the Earth. If all goes well we will allow humanity to benefit step by step from our scientific advances. Depending on the uses that will be made of it, we will see if we can give humanity all our knowledge and allow you to enter the intergalactic era with our 25,000 years of scientific progress as your inheritance. "
"Are you the only world to have attained such an advanced level in science ?"
"In this region of the universe, yes. There is an infinite number of worlds inhabited by beings of the humanoid type whose scientific level is lower than ours, although much superior to yours. What makes us fearful of disappearing is the fact that we have not yet found any planet with a civilization as highly evolved as our own. We have economc relations with many other planets on which life has been created by other people who must have reached a scientific level equivalent to ours, because their religious writings prove this to us.
"Unfortunately, we have been unable to find the civilizations who created the closest of these worlds. But perhaps we will find them farther on as we continue to search the universe, each time moving further away. In most cases their planets approached the sun too closely and life became impossible, or their sun exploded, or became too cold. Although we have not noticed anything abnormal at present in our system, all this makes us fear the worst."
"So there is no religion where you live ?"
"Our only religion is human genius. We believe only in that, and we particularly love the memory of our own creators whom we never saw again and whose world we have never been able to find. They must have disappeared. However, they had taken the precaution of putting a huge space station in orbit around our planet, containing all their knowledge and this landed automatically when their world was destroyed. Thanks to them we have taken on the torch - and we would like to see this torch taken up by the people of the Earth. "
"And what would happen if your planet was destroyed ?"
"In case our world is destroyed, the same arrangements have been made in advance so that you would automatically inherit all our knowledge."
"Do you really live ten times longer than we do ?" I asked "
"Our body lives on average, ten times longer than yours," he replied.
"Like the first people of the Bible, that is between 750 and 1,200 years. But our mind, our true self, can be truly immortal. I have already explained to you that, starting with any cell of the body, we can re-create the whole person with new living matter. When we are in full possession of our faculties and our brain is at its maximum level of officiency and knowledge, we surgically remove a tiny sample of the body, which we then preserved.
Then, when we really die, we take a cell from this preserved sample and recreate the body in full, just as it had been at the time the sample was taken.
"I say, "it had been at that time", meaning with all its scientific knowledge and, of course, its personality. But in this case, the body is made up of new elements with the potential for another one thousand years of life and so on eternally. But in order to limit the growth of the population, only geniuses have the right to eternity.
"Everybody on our planet has a cell sample taken at a certain age, hoping that they will be chosen for re-creation after their death. In fact they not only hope for it, they try to earn this resurrection during their life. Once they have died, a grand council of the eternals assembles to decide in a "last judgement", who among those who died during the year deserves to live another life. For a period of three lifetimes, the eternal is on probation, and at the end of this time, the council of the eternals reconvenes to judge who, in the light of their work, deserves to join the council of the eternals as a perpetual member.
"From the moment that they wish to live again, they no longer have the right to have children, although this does not of course prevent love. This explains why the scientists who were members of the council of the eternals, wished to create life on other planets. They transferred their procreative instincts onto other planets. "
"What do you call yourselves ? "
"If you wish to give us a name, even though we call ourselves men and women in our language, you may call us Elohim, since we did indeed come from the sky."
"What language do you speak on your planet ?"
"Our official language closely resembles ancient Hebrew."...
"What is your lifestyle and your work where you live ?"
"Most of our work is intellectual as our level of scientific development allows us to use robots for everything. We work only when we feel the inclination - and then only with our brain. Only our artisits and our sports people work with their bodies and only because they have chosen this.
"Our highly developed nuclear energy is almost inexhaustible, mainly because we have discovered a way to use the atom in a closed circuit. We also have many other sources of energy including solar energy and we do not necessarily use uranium our nuclear reactors, employing instead many other simple and harmless materials."
"But if you live so long, and do not work, do you not get bored ?"
"No, never, because we always do things we enjoy doing - especially making love. We find our women very beautiful and we make the most of this."
"Does marriage exist ?"
"No, Men and Women are both free. Couples exist. Those who have chosen to live as such may do so, but they may have their freedom whenever they wish. We all love one another. Jealousy does not exist, since everyone can have everything, and property is non-existent. There is no criminality where we live, thus no prisons and no police. However, there are many doctors, and regular medical visits for the mind.
"Those who show the slightest sign of psychological imbalance that could threaten the life or liberty of others, are immediately given treatment in order to bring them back to normal."
"Can you describe the day of an average individual where you live ?"
"In the morning they would get up and bathe, since there are swimming pools everywhere, have breakfast and then do whatever they feel like doing. Everybody "works", but only because they feel like working as there is no money where we live. Thus those who work always do it well, since it is by vocation. "
In the future we will all have a life like this. Let our life become this soon !

"Only the eternals have specific tasks, for example supervising the electronic brains and cmputers used for dealing with vital functions such as energy, food and organization. Of the seven billion inhabitants there are only 700 eternals and they live entirely apart from the others. They have the privilege of being eternals but with this goes the duty of doing everything for the others who are not obliged to work."
"To these 700 eternals we must add 210 probationers (about seventy each year, that is to say, ten from each province). Of the seven billion inhabitants, there are only about forty million children. It is only when they become of age - between eighteen and twenty-one years, depending on the individual - that the children undergo the operation which gives them a life span of more than 750 years. From then on, they too may have children. "
"This enables the oldest of our non-eternal inhabitants to know their descendants for up to fifty generations."
"Out of seven billion inhabitants there are only about one million inactive people, and almost all of them are under treatment for psychological disorders. Our doctors treat them for a period of six months. Most people are interested in arts, and they paint, sculpt, play music, write, produce films and participate in sports. We have a leisure civilization in the full sense of the word."
"Our cities have an average population of about 500,000 people spread over a very small area. A city is in fact a huge house situated in a high place, inside which people can sleep, love, and do whatever they please."
"These city houses are about one kilometer in length and height and are traversed in all directions by waves used by everyone for travelling. You tie on a belt, and then place yourself in a wave current which transports you very rapidly to wherever you wish to go."
"The cities are tube-like in shape so that they do not eat up the countryside as they do where you live. Indeed one of your cities with say a population of about 500,000 covers a surface area twenty times greater than ours. The result is that when you want to go into the country, you have to travel for many ours, whereas in our case we are there in only ten seconds. The same architect conceives an entire city so that it will be pleasing to the eye and will harmonize perfectly with the scenery surrounding it."

The symbol of Elohim. Two crossed triangles express the infinite smallness and bigness of the universe and the swastika expresses things in the universe that only change their forms and exist forever. Swastikas can be seen in the ancient world because they are signs of Elohim. (see chapter 4)


Crossed triangles on the surface of the biggest satellite of Saturn, Titan. It may be an Elohim base. A small explorer, Huygens, took the photo.


The David mark often appears in crop circles. It is the evidence that they are the arts of Elohim. I want to see them.


A big surprise when I cut a papaya of Hawaii. The Symbol of Elohim appeared. Such a mark can't come out naturally. It may have been designed by scientists and artists. By the way the Philippine papaya has a star type.


Elohim's symbol can be seen in the Tibetan book of the dead. This cross mark is also seen in all over the world.

"But don't the people who have nothing to do get bored ?"
"No, because we provide them with numerous activities. The individual's true value is recognized and everyone wants to show that they have worth."
"Whether it be an art, in science or in sports, each person wants to shine in order to become eternal, or simply to be admired by the community - or by a woman. Some people like to take risks and to deprive them of the risk of dying would take away their joy of living, and that is why dangerous sports are very popular."
"We can bring back to life any injured person but those who practice these sports may do so only if they state in writing that they agree not to be taken care of if they die during their sporting activities. We have a kind of atomic automobile race that would fascinate you and more violent activities like boxing, and even more violent than that, a kind of rugby game which is played in the nude, and where everything is permitted - boxing, wrestling and so on. All this may seem barbaric to you, but do not forget that all extremes must be balanced to avoid breakdowns."
"An extremely sophisticated civilization must have primitive counterbalances. If our people did not have their idols in their favorite sport, they would have only one wish to die, or to play with death, must also be respected, and be permitted within well structured and well defined specialities."
"Where we live, contests are held each year in all branchesof the various activities, one of which is a worldwide contest, permitting us to decide on the best individuals who deserve eternal life. Everyone lives only for that."
"Each year, whether it be painting, literature, biology, medicine, or in any other speciality where the human brain can express itself, a competition takes place in every province."
"After a vote from the eternals of that province, "champions" are regrouped in the capital to submit themselves to the vote of a jury of eternals who designate those who become "champions among champions."
"These people are then presented to the council of eternals, who finally choose those who are worthy of becoming eternal probationers. This is the goal, everybody's ideal. Distractions may well take on a primitive aspect when the supreme goal is so high."
"Does this mean that the eternals have a totally different way of life from the other inhabitants ?"
"Oh yes. They live apart in cities reserved for them and meet regularly to make decisions."
"How old are the oldest ones ?"
"The oldest, the president of the council of the eternals, is 25,000 years old, and you see him before you now. I have lived in twenty-five bodies up to this day, and I was the first one on whom this experiment was successfully carried out. That is why I am the president of the eternals. I myself directed the creation of life on Earth."
"Then your knowledge must be immeasurable ?"
"Yes, I have accumulated quite a lot of knowledge, and I will not be able to gain much more. It is in this way that the people on Earth may be superior to us because the capacity of that part of the brain, which accumulates information, the memory, is larger. Human beings on Earth will be able to accumulate more knowledge than us, and therefore will advance further scientifically, if they have the means. This is what frightens those who oppose the council of eternals. People on Earth will be able to progress faster than us, if nothing stops them."
"The knowledge that students need to accumulate must be quite enormous, and must take a very long time."
"No. Thanks to an important scientific discovery, which in fact your scientists on Earth are beginning to consider, we can teach a student his lessons surgically. Your scientists have just discovered that if you inject the liquid from the memory of an educated rat into the brain of an uneducated rat, it will learn what the other knew. "
"We can transmit information by the injection of brain matter, thus our children have almost no work to do. They regularly undergo injections of brain matter taken from people possessing the information necessary for instruction. Therefore, children only spend their time doing interesting things, which they decide on themselves, such as rebuilding the world in theory and fulfilling themselves in sport and the arts."
"You never have wars among the provinces of your world ?"
"Never. The sports competitions are sufficiently developed to eliminate the war instinct. Besides, psychologically, the fact that young people are able to risk their lives in games where systematically there are many deaths during each event, suppresses the war instinct."
"This enables those who feel this instinct too intensely, to satiate it at the peril of their own life without involving those who do not want to travel along such perilous paths. If on Earth sports and games were more dangerous but organized, it would greatly reduce the chances of creating international conflicts."
"Are the seven provinces of your world similar ?"
"No, as on Earth there are different races and and cultures. Our provinces were created and based on those races and cultures, while respecting the freedom and independence of each one."
"Would it be possible for a man from Earth to visit your planet ?"
"Yes, but you would have to wear a space suit adapted for your breathing. You could live without such a suit in a special residence where we have reproduced the Earth's atmosphere. There, many people from Earth live, including Moses, Elijah and Jesus Christ along with many other living testimonies of our creation. We will be able to bring all these people back to Earth when the time comes to support your statements."
"Why not bring them back at once ?"
"Because, in your incredulous world, if Jesus returned ..... "


 The above is a part of what that Yahweh told Rael about the planet of the Elohim. If you want to know more detail, please check out "Intelligent Design the Message from the Designers." In the society of the Elohim, people do just what they want to do without worring about their life span. There is no work for survival at all (how nice !). Such a long life seems to be standard not only on the Elohim's planet but also in the civilizations of other planets. We too can have ideal lives soon if we really want that. When we understand the existence of the Elohim and welcome them, a cosmic life will begin at once. This will be the best revolution in the history of humanity.

 500 years ago it was common sense in Europe that the sun and stars rotate around the earth. People believed it for over a thousand years even though some scientists knew that it was not right. At that time the Vatican had power in Europe and controlled our common knowledge of the world. In a word it is very easy and convenient for the powerful to rule us if we don't know nothing at all. But people said "no !"to this one-sided rule of the powerful. That was the Renaissance. Something more than that is now going to happen now. It is about the theory of evolution. Why didn't NASA announce traces of artificial buildings on the Moon ? Why did they announce the existence of an artificial pyramid on Mars once and then suddenly deny it The powerful people of the world today are not so stupid. If we know that there are many civilizations of extraterrestrials in the outer space, sooner or later the systems of today will be destroied. For that reason people in power want us to be ignorant. By understanding that all life on the earth was created and evolved by extraterrestrial Elohim, the earth will progress one step more. This is a super peaceful revolution and it will be realized easily. If you want to be a real hero of the Earth, please don't hesitate, just try it ! Thank you very much for reading all, peace !

For more information, please see www.rael.org