6  The commonalities of Civilizations Part Two: Why do myths in the world have the same descriptions ?
 It is a well-known fact in archaeology that tribal myths around the world are almost the same, though there are small differences in names. I would like to explain here what commonalities they have.
First of all, I refer to the beginnings of myths. They all begin with a similar description: it was dark and there was thick liquid mud, which got dry and hard and then became the crust of the earth.
The Kojiki : Records of Ancient Matters, a Japanese text of Shinto belief and mythology
"Now when mixed material had begun to condense, but force and form were not yet manifest, and there was nought named, nought done, who could know its shape?"
"...when the earth, young and like unto floating oil, drifted about medusa-like,..."
The mythology of the Ainu (indigenous people of Hokkaido, the northernmost island of Japan)
Of old when there was no country, no land in this world, something like floating oil appeared in the blue ocean.... then the remaining muddy thing that gradually hardened and became an island.
(Left) A group of Japanese gods, the Arahabaki from Tsugaru Soto-Sangun History, one of Japanese Ancient History and Legends, which dates earlier than The Kojiki.
(Right) Also the Arahabaki from Tsugaru Soto-Sangunshi History. This may be a god in a space suit.
Mt.Siribesi in Hokkaido. According to a legend of the Ainu, this mountain is the first land of creation. It's so beautiful !
India  (the Vedas)
"That which, enveloped in darkness, conceives as right what is wrong and sees all things in a perverted way, that understanding ... is of the nature of dullness."
In the primordial world, there were only a calm sea and the boundless, empty sky in the darkness.
Native Americans
In times long past, there was no land and everything was covered with water. (Huron)
Teutonic Myth and Legend
In the Ages, when naught else was, there was the vast Gulf called Ginnunga-deep.
Before the universe was created, an unruffled, boundless ocean lied in the impenetrable darkness.
Israel (The Old Testament)
"And the earth was without form and void, and darkness was over the face of the deep. And the spirit of God [Ruach Elohim] moved upon the face of the waters."
 In this way, it is obvious that they contain the same elements in spite of minor differences. A similarity between the myths of the ancient Japan and the Ainu would be understandable. Their similarity to Indian myths would be also understood, for example, as a result of some cultural transmission across the Asia. But when it comes to their similarity to the myths of Maya or American Natives, I can not help wondering why. Then, what those myths go on to tell us ? Again, we'll see similar descriptions ! Gods created lands, plants, fish and birds, land animals, and last humans.
The cave painting which was drawn 2000 years ago in Uzbekistan. Old people couldn't understand what this expressed.
Two Pillar gods...threw blue clouds to the sea and said, "Be water," and there was the sea. And gods threw yellow clouds and said, "Cover it with soil"....and the gods said with white clouds "Be grass, trees, birds, beasts, fish, and insects," and they appeared. Later, the gods created animals, and then created Ainu (humans) in their image.
Papua New Guinea
In time long past, there was not land, but only the sea. Serpent God Malai was swimming in the sea. Since there was no land that Malai could climb up on,. he said to coral reefs. "Coral reefs, rise !" Then coral reefs rose and became land. The serpent god created two children: a man and a woman. They married and we were born. In this way, the serpent god created earth, created food and created us humans.
Hawaii (The Kumulipo, the creation myth)
In the first and second chants, marine creatures like corals, starfishes, and dolphins are born from the primordial darkness, and plants, insects and birds are created in the third chant. In the fourth, some sea creatures settle on the land. In the fifth to seventh chants, pigs, mouse, dogs, and other animals are born. In the eighth chant, humans are born.
The land was formed and mountains, valleys, woods, and rivers were made by Tzacol and Bitol (Creator and Maker), Tepeu and Gucumatz (the Governor and the Fethered Serpent). Next, the gods created deer, birds, jaguars, and snakes.....the gods destined their meet to be eaten. In their attempt to create humans to make them worship and feed the gods ... Finally, the gods ground corn in a mortar, kneaded the powder and made four men. They are the real ancestors of all living humans.
    メヒコの神 空のゲンチャリで移動中
A single flying vehicle, an artifact from Maya civilization (excavated from Veracruz remains). A helmeted pilot grips something like a steering wheel of a motor bike. Obviously it's a machine. Mexican gods may have used this kind of vehicle to move around in their neighborhoods.
Native American
Creator Gods first let fish swim in the sea, then let animals crawl on the ground, finally created men and gave them all equal positions and rights. (Karok)
Spider Woman (a gods' helper) then created from the earth trees, bushes, plants, flowers, all kinds of seed-bearers and nut-bearers to clothe the earth, ...In the same manner she created all kinds of birds and animals....Sotuknang (a gods' helper) was happy, seeing how beautiful it all was- the land, the plants, the birds, and animals, and the power working through them all..."It is very good" said Taiowa (Creator God). "It is ready now for human life, the final touch to complete my plan." So Spider Woman gathered earth, this time of four colors, yellow, red, white, and black;....and covered them with her white-substance cape which was the creative wisdom itself...and when she uncovered them these forms were human beings in the image of Sotuknang. Then she created four other beings after her own form. (Hopi)
     古代の岩絵はUFO ワォ!
A rock drawing by Native Americans (Christina Lake, Canada). Gods came up in an UFO.
Israel (The Old Testament)
And God (Elohim) made the expanse and separated the waters that were under the expanse from the waters that were above the expanse...So God (the Elohim) created the great sea creatures and every living creature that moves...and every winged bird according to its kind...And God (the Elohim) made the beasts of the earth according to their kinds and the livingstock according to their kinds, and everything that creeps on the ground to its kind...Then the Elohim said, "Let us make man in our image after our likeness. And let them have dominion over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the heavens and over the livestock and over all the earth and over every creeping thing that creeps on the earth."..Then the Lord Elohim formed the man (adam) of the dust from the ground (adama) and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living creature.
 It is a great surprise that the descriptions in the myths of the Ainu, Papua New Guinea, Hawaii, Maya, and Native Americans and the Old Testament are so identical. Of course these myths have been passed down from their ancestors in the days before Christ, before white people brought Christianity. There is a strange coincidence: gods created man after creating plants and animals. It would be possible that an Israelite story was passed down to the Ainu of Hokkaido (Japan), but it is impossible that Native Americans received it.
 These stories may have been transmitted by third- party creators of civilizations to all these tribes in their own ways. That is why there are some differences. In addition, although the Hebrew word "Elohim" in the Bible is translated "God" in English, it is Elohim (meaning "those who came from the sky" in Hebrew) in the original Hebrew version of the Bible.
It's Luke skywalker and his squad....no, statues of ancient astronauts excavated in Equator. They really look like Luke !
Now, here's another great surprise, another strange coincidence in the legends of the Flood throughout the world.
  Legends of the Flood
When the human ancestor Manu was washing his hands in a river, a little fish swam into his hands and said, "if you save and take care of me, I will save you." The fish then warned him that a Great Flood would and told him to build a box boat against the Flood. As the fish grew, Manu put it in the sea. When the Flood came, Manu boarded the boat as the fish told him. Then, the fish appeared out of nowhere and towed the box boat to a safe mountaintop. Thus he only survived among all living things.
Popular God Siva in India. It is said that one of Siva gods came to inform Manu about the Flood. By the way, a serpent is the symbol of Siva. There are lots of gods whose symbol is a serpent. They belong to the same group and called Siva in India.

Laos and Thailand
A myth had it that beings called King Thens lived in the upper kingdom long ages ago, while the masters of the lower world were three great men, Pu Leng Seung, Khun Kan and Khun Ket. One day King Thens announced that before eating any meal people should give them a part of their food as a sign of respect. The people refused and in a rage King Thens created the Flood which devastated the whole earth. The three great men built a raft, on top of which they made a small house, and embarked with a number of women and children. In this way they and their descendants survived the Flood.
Korea (Legend of Huanfeng)
When the Flood attacked the world, only the mountaintop of in the Korea Peninsula was not invaded by water and left. People loaded birds, animals, furniture, food and water on a ship and floated in the Flood. Then, they tied the ship to the mountaintop with a net. When the Flood receded, people got out of the ship and found shelter on the mountaintop. It is said that sea shells, marine soil deposits and white sand were to be found in the mountain.
Mexico, CentroAmerica
A man named Coxcoxtli and his wife Xochiquetzal had been warned of the devastating the flood by a god. The god had instructed them to build an enormous vessel in which to escape. As the deluge waned, the vessel settled on a mountain top. The pair began to pick up their lives and had many children. The children were dumb until a dove perched on the tree and gave them the gift of languages. (Aztec)
A statue of Rain God excavated from the remains of Aztec civilization. He wears a helmet, goggles and a gravity -resistant suit. He is just a normal person.
The god, Tezcatilpoca, decided to bring a Flood to destroy mankind. But he also decided to save one man called Tezpi, his wife and children on a big ship. For them to survive, aa types of animals, birds and supplies of grain and seed were also loaded up on the ship. Tezpi's ship came to rest on a mountaintop, which stuck out of water. The god had let the water retreat. Tezpi released a condor to check if they could land or not ....Then he released other birds and only a humming bird came back with a twig in its bill. As if on a signal, the land appeared. Tezpi and his family got off the ship and increased population to fill the earth. (Mechoacanesecs)
 This story that a ship arrived at a mountaintop and they released birds to check how outside was is a pattern that can be seen in Bible, Sumerian ancient documents, the myth of American Native Hopi. Of course this story of Mechoacanesecs is the traditional myth that has existed before Spanish came to the continent.
Once in the Pacific Ocean, there was a huge continent that ranged from Hawaii to Fiji. But the Flood named kai a Kahinalii (meaning "sea that made the chiefs fall down") happened. The whole land except for high mountains like Mauna Kea sank beneath the ocean. There was an oracle named Nuu. He predicted the Flood and ran away in a canoe with a house. He was on the mountaintop of Mauna Kea when the Flood subsided.
Several aboriginal Australian peoples ascribe their origins to a great flood which swept away the previous landscape and society.
A cave wall painting by Australian Aborigines (West Australia). an image of the god, Wanjina (known for the god of the cloud). He just wears a spacesuit and some letters are written on a helmet.

Vanuatu (New Hebrides)
Qat was building a big canoe in the plains. His brothers laughed and said, "Hey, how are you going to take the canoe to the sea ?" Qat put his family and all living things including ants on the canoe. And he uttered an incantation for rain. Then a Flood came, and made a channel and pushed the canoe into the sea in a flash. The plains turned into a lake. On balance, Qat had loaded only the best things in the Island before embarking.
When Zeus reached his fateful decision to destroy "the bronze race" of men, Deucalion, forewarned by Prometheus, made a wooden box, stored in it "all that was necessary"and climbed into it with Pyrrha. The King of the gods caused mighty rains to pour from heaven, flooding the greater part of the earth. All mankind perished in this deluge, save a few who had fled to the highest mountains. The box floated over the sea and finally landed on Mount Parnassus in the midland of Greece. Deucalion and Pyrrha sacrificed to the gods.
As the Hebrews looked back on Noah, so the Greeks of ancient historical times looked back on Deucalion as the ancestor of their nation. A similar figure Manu was revered in Vedic India more than 3000 years ago as their ancestor. Veda people of India also considered that their root was Manu. It is said that there are about five hundred stories of the Flood throughout the world. Most of them are similar to the above-cited descriptions.
 Graham Hancock pointed out the way in which the same symbolic motifs keep recurring: 1) angry gods decides to destroy men, 2) the warning given by a god to the one good man and his family, 3) a ship or a box is made to put them with animals, 4) a great flood strikes and the ship arrives at a mountaintop, and 5) the birds and other creatures released after the flood to find land.
Mr. Graham Hancock also mentions as follows:
"Much harder to explain is the peculiar but distinctive way the myths of cataclysm seem to bear the intelligent imprint of a guiding hand. Indeed the degree of convergence between such ancient stories is frequently remarkable enough to raise the suspicion that they must all have been written by the same author."
 I agree that "a third party" other than humans exists. That explains all.
Considering the descriptions are quite similar and the proper names are obviously different, a third party told the same stories to all races according to their own manner of telling.
 Next, I'll tell you that a lot of numbers as to the precession of the earth's axis are found in the legends and myths.
Numbers divisible by 9 as to the precession of the earth's axis
 The earth's axis may be supposed to be fixed, but actually the revolution of the earth in its orbit around the sun is a form of rotary motion and the axis also processes over time. This is called "procession" of the earth's axis. The procession cycle is 25,920 years; 30-degree procession takes 2,160years. At the dawn of the date of the vernal equinox, one of the 12 constellations is on the other side of the sun. Now it is Aquarius, which has just taken place of Pisces. It takes 2,160 years before the next constellation takes its place. It has a perfect correlation with the procession.
 Since it was Pisces in the age of Jesus, the fish was logical symbol for the early Christian church to adopt. And today we are in the Age of Aquarius.
The figure shows the precession of the earth's axis. The vernal equinox spends 2,160years in each zodiacal sign and takes 25,920 years in one cycle. These numbers of the precession are found ancient myths.
 Numbers concering the precession are divisible by 3 and 9. Especially numbers like 12, 30, 36, 54, 72, 108, 360, 2160, 4320, 25920 explain the precession. The precession cycle is 25920years; 30-degree precession takes 2160 years; 15-degree precession 1080 years; 1-degree precession 72 years. All numbers are divisible by 9. Is it just a coincidence ?
It may not be so. On the 40th Anniversary of SETI (The Search for Extraterrstrial Intelligence), an international project, it was declared that the solar system is considered to be an artificial system composed by a superior civilization, meaning that the solar system may have been established by extraterrestrials.
Prof. Leonid Ksanpomality, the Manager of the planets physics lab in the Academy of Science in Russia, which organized this conference, explained as follows:
"In all the other solar systems without any exceptions, the biggest planets are close to the sun and the small one like Earth is far from the Sun. But in our Solar System it is the opposite, the smallest planets are close to the Sun."
At the conference, Dr. Sergay Yazep, the senior scientist in the insititute of physics of the Sun, mentioned 6 mysterious attributes of our solar system that distinguish it from all the other solar systems that scientists discovered until today and concluded as follows:
"Today according to the knowledge we have, we don't have any other explanation to the formation of the solar system but, intervention of superior civilization."
"20 years ago, only a scientist that was not taking care of his reputation could say that maybe the solar system composed by a superior civilization, but now, things change a lot."
If the solar system is artificially made, it is understandable that the numbers of precession of the earth's axis are divisible.
   A SETI facility in Russia. It is like a movie set design.
 Strangely enough, moreover, these numbers of the precession embedded in myths and architectures all around the world.
Norse mythology (the following passage describes the supreme god Valhalla participating in the terrible last battle of the gods)
500 doors and 40 there are
I ween, in Valhalla's walls;
800 fighters through each door fare,
When to war with the Wolf they go.
540 doors multiplied by 800 soldiers are 43200 soldiers. In 43200 years, the earth's axis rotates one circle and 240 degrees. The numbers of 4320 and 43200 are often seen in ancient documents throughout the world.
On Sumerian clay tablets, it is written that gods Anunnaki landed to the earth for the first time 432000 years ago.
Moreover the radius of the earth divided by 43200 equals the height of the Great Pyramid in Egypt. The length of the earth's equator divided by 43200 equals the length of the perimeter of the Great Pyramid's bases. How likely is this to be an accident ? As a number of the precession, 43200 is a message from a third party to us humans. (2)
The numerals necessary for calculating presession are also found in the Mayan Long Count calendar: 1Tun = 360 days; 6 Tuns = 2160 days; 1Katun = 7200 days; 6 Katuns = 43200 days; 15 Baktuns = 2160000 days.
A work once kept in the Imperial Library of China, which was said to have been handed down from ancient times and to contain all knowledge consisted of 4320 volumes.
The temple of Angkor has five gates. each road is bordered by a row of gigantic stone figures, 108 per avenue, 540 statues in all.
Java's mysterious temple of Borobudur has 72 stupas.
Stupas of Borobudur, considered to have built in imitation UFOs.
There are 10800 stanzas in the Rigveda, one of the ancient texts of Indian mythology. Each stanza is made up of 40 syllables with the result that the entire composition consists of 432000 syllables. (2)
The things I've mentioned here are just the tip of the iceberg.
 My idea is this: Extraterrestrials as a third party who were involved in the creation of humans embedded the numbers concerning the of the precession of the earth's axis in the myths of all human races. Time passed and when humans developed sciences and discovered the precession, they cried, "Oh, there're numerical coincidences !" These are a kind of codes from the extraterrestrials left for humans who, in their turn, could not decode them until they built up sciences. In other words, Extraterrestrials left us an intelligence test.