5  There is a possibility that the same extraterrestrials created thecivilizations of Mesopotamia, Egypt, Mexico, and Peru.
 Today, many archaeologists and historical journalists have reached the conclusion that "somebody"must have created civilizations all around the world, on the ground that there are too many similarities and identical points among their remains, pyramids, myths, cultures, or knowledge throughout the world. They could not be explained within the boundaries of traditional thinking but considered as mere coincidences.
Recently, however, it is demonstrated that they are not mere coincidences. Graham Hancock, author of Fingerprints of the Gods, suggests the existence of "a third party" and concludes: "Certain cultures in the Old World and in the New World may both have received a legacy of influence and ideas from a third party at some exceedingly remote date." Robert M. Schoch et al. say in their "Voyages of the Pyramid Builders: the True Origins of the Pyramids from Lost Egypt to Ancient America" that all civilizations belonged to the same origin.
グラハムハンコックさん。南インドにてYeah man. Mr. Graham, suggesting the existence of "a third party"
From "Underworld" by Graham Hancock


All of the pyramids in the world were built for the same purposes
 Egypt is well known for its pyramids, but in effect pyramids exist all over the world: In China, Japan, North and South America, India, Indonesia, and Europe. For example, Cahokia mounds in Illinois have been regarded as old burial mounds, but they are pyramids in an undisputed way. And an emperor's tomb of Western Han Dynasty in Xianyang, China, has exactly the same form as Cahokia Pyramid. The emperor's tomb may have been designed as a pyramid but the emperor made it his own tomb later. Moreover the Pyramid of the Sun at Teotihuacan, Mexico, also has exactly the same form as Cahokia pyramid and Xianyang pyramid. (1)
         (right) Cahokia Mounds in Illinois (left) An emperor's tomb in Xianyang
  The Pyramid of the Sun at Teotihuacan, Mexico  The three have something in common, don't they ?
 In Japan, there are many pyramids such as Mt. Miwa in Nara, Yamato Three Mountains, Moya hills Aomori, The Big Stone God Pyramid, Mt. Kuromata in Akita, Mt. Ashitake in Hiroshima, and a lot others. These pyramids are considered as artificial mountains built by arranging the natural ones. It is supposed that there are about 300 pyramids in Japan.
   (Left) Famous Mt. Kuromata; it looks normal but .... (Right) Mt. Kuromata : Laser Analysis Chart; it's un mistakably a pyramid.
Pyramids are generally supposed to have been built as kings' tombs, but the fact is that the power elite appropriated the old pyramids for use as tombs and the pyramids had been built much earlier. Now it is said that Borobudur in Indonesia, stupas in Southeastern Asia, the central shrine of Angkor Vat in Cambodia, ancient burial mounds in Japan may also be pyramids.
From the left, the central shrine of Angkor Vat, Maya pyramids of Tikal, a stupa in Vientiane, Laos, and Borobudur in Indonesia. It's true that their architecture styles are similar.
Then, for what purposes were the pyramids built ? According to recent researches, they are considered to have been designed originally as power plants or energy storage plants.
 At the time of excavation at the Pyramid of the Sun in Teotihuacan, Mexico, a sheet of mica was discovered in the upper tiers of the Pyramid. A large quantity of shale slate, which is a high-quality insulator, was also discovered in an underground room of the Pyramid. And also on the floor of a small construction near the Pyramid, a large quantity of high-purity mica spread all over in two layers. Mica is known for its insulating electrical properties, as well as its high resistance to fast neutron penetration. It is therefore used in electronic insulators, refractory materials, or moderators in nuclear reactors. Moreover, in the Pyramid of the Sun, Brasilian mica is used instead of the local mica, carried a distance of 3200km. In sum, the Pyrmaid is an artificial system to put energy into bottle and is built of a large quantity of stone, soil and sand, with its top and bottom covered with insulators to prevent energy from leaking.
(Above) the Pyramid of the Sun (Below) the whole view of Teotihuacan. They look so functional that we'd better call them electric power plants.
           Mica in an unerground room in Teotihuacan
 It is supposed that the Great Pyramid in Ancient Egypt was equipped with a guidance system, communication devices, a protection shield, and weapons. In ancient Sumerian documents, Egyptian Pyramids are often referred to with phrases like "extend networks,""check the sky and the ground,"and "to send radio waves as a direction signal to all surveillance areas." At the time of the wars of gods, Egypt was called "the Land of the Shield." Ninurta, a Sumerian goddess, says in an ancient document that the power of the pyramids was used in the battle "to capture and kill me, to chase, catch and kill me."
 According to a recent theory, that the Great Pyramid was used to pump water from the Nile and then hydrogen was extracted from water and burnt to produce energy. The explanation is as follows: the Great Pyramid is made of limestone, but only the floor, the walls, the doorway, the ridge roof of the King's Chamber are made of granite. Granite is very hard stone and has a high thermal conductivity. So the King's chamber functioned like a oven, and the so-called "Relieving Chambers" situated above the King's Chamber has the function of reducing heat for the limestone to resist it.
 In effect, the fact that only the King's Chamber is made of granite allows us to contemplate some functional purpose. In addition to its high thermal conductivity, moreover, granite is rich in quartz. Here's key, because the study of Francis Hitching demonstrates that voltage can be generated by applying pressure onto the quartz. In fact, if 453 kilograms of pressure is applied on each surface of a small crystal of quartz about 13 mm in diameter, voltage of as much as 25000Vis generated. Since one heavy piece of granite in the the King's Chamber weighs 70 tons, the whole weight is considerable. If some pressure, for example, water pressure of the Nile River or pressure caused by hydrogen energy, is added to the King's Chamber, obviously an incredible amount of electric energy is produced. In this way, there is a high possibility that the King's Chamber was a generator room.
    The upper right part of the picture shows a pyramid with wings. According to Zecharia Sitchin, wings are referred to as a function related to outer space in Sumer.
  (Left) Three pyramids at Giza. Marduk, one of the Anunnaki, shut himself in the pyramids and fought with the army of Ninurta, a female Anunnaki. (Right) The King's Chamber inside the Great Pyramid. The Chamber alone is made of red Aswan granite somehow. Why ?
 In an ancient Sumerian document, it is written about the Great Pyramid that "its foundation is made of stone....water." The document also says that Ninurta ordered to cut off the water supply at her enemy's Great Pyramid in one of the wars of gods. The Nile River runs close to the Great Pyramid. A complicated drain system was discovered in the underground of the Pyramid of the Sun in Teotihuacan, Mexico. Along the Street of the Dead, high walls for water storage and water gates were located on the north side of the Pyramids. Also the Akapana Pyramid in Tiahuanaco in the Andes used to be surrounded by water, and so did Mt. Miwa Pyramid in the Asuka area, Japan. Pyramids may have been designed as structures to generate electricity as a result of the amplification of hydrogen energy by the use of water and to utilize the electricity in many ways.
 The rocks of Mt. Kuromata, a famous pyramid in Akita, Japan, are dacites, that is, made of quartz ! The whole mountain is like an electric generator. On the top of Mt. Azumaya pyramid in Aichi, Japan, there remain sacred rocks called "iwakura," which are considered to be abodes of the gods, with a shrine. But the granite rocks are not produced around Mt. Azumaya. In most of the megalithic remains such as "iwakura"often seen in venerable shrines, stone circles, dolmens, and menhirs, quartz-rich granite is used. Now it should be recognized that this common use of granite is not a mere coincidence. In ancient pyramids, electric energy was produced by the use of granite and used for for guiding airships and spaceships, as well as radar detection and communication. According to a Chinese ancient book called Shan Hai Jing (the Book of Mountains and Seas), at the time when ancient Japanese emperors ruled the earth, the capital of the world was located in Yamato and Yamato Three Mountains were used as a space port for airships that flied from the Himalayas to Japan. A textbook at school is not enough to understand the real history of the earth. True answers lie beyond our imaination.
     (Right) rocks of "Iwakura"on the top of Mt. Azumaya. (Left) stone circles in Akita, Japan
Those who built the pyramids in Egypt also built the pyramids in Mexico
 Here's the evidence that those who built the Great Pyrmaid of Giza in Egypt also built the Pyramid of the Sun in Teotihuacan, Mexico. In ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia, the scientific basis for the calculation of geodetic measures was the geographic foot or geographic cubit: 1geographic foot = 308mm; 1geographic cubit = 462mm; 1geographic foot * 1,5 = 1geographic cubit; 308mm = 1/360000 of geographic degree of the earth. This tells us that people who created the ancient civilizations of Egypt and Mesopotamia had precise knowledge of the size of the earth. According to the above geodetic measurement, for example, the length of a side of the ground of the Great Pyramid is 500 geographic cubit.
But when the pyramids in Teotihuacan are measured by the unit of geographic foot or geographic cubit, their sizes can be divided by integers. For example, the width of the Temple of Quetzalcoatl is 136 geographic cubit, and the height of the Pyramid of the Moon is 96 geographic cubit. Everybody may think that it is a mere coincidence, but no. According to the same measurement, the width of the castle of Teotihuacan (399.48m) is 864 geographic cubit or 1296 geographic feet. These numbers of 864 and 1296 are very very important, because
the number of seconds of 24 hours a day of the earth = 24 * 60 * 60 = 86400
and the number of seconds of 360 degrees in one earth circumference = 360 * 60 * 60 = 1296000.
 It is not just a mere coincidence. This shows that those who built the pyramids in Egypt also built the pyramids in Mexico. Those creators of the earth's civilizations challenge us the earthlings to such set number games here and there and are waiting for us to decode the rules in the future. Just with the numbers 864 and 1296 by which Egyptian and Mexican civilizations are linked together, we can notice the existence of the creators s of the earth's civilizations.
These number games are innumerable. For example, the length of the equator of the earth 40068.04km divided by 43200 is 921.45m, which is exactly the length of the base perimeter of the Great Pyramid in Egypt. And the radius of the earth from the North Pole 6355.42km divided by 43200 is 146.7m, which is precisely the height of the Great Pyramid. So the Great Pyramid is a scale model of 1/43200 of the Northern Hemisphere of the earth. (2)
Then, what is the number 43200 ? It is an important number with regard to the precession of the earth's axis. The earth rotates on its axis and the one cycle of 360 degrees takes around 25920 years to finish. The precession 60 degrees takes 4320 years and that of 600 degrees (one cycle and 240 degrees) takes 43200 years. This scale number 43200 may have a message to be decoded. In this way, it is understood that those who built the Great Pyramid had the konwledge of the precession of the earth's axis well and used both latitude and longitude in the same way as we now do.
             The earth rotates on its axis. The earth shakes like this.          One cycle takes 25920 years to finish. This is the precession of the earth's axis. (2)
A line that joins the Great Pyramid and the Pyramid of the Sun
 The creators of the civilizations left us much information about numbers. Draw a straight line from the Great Pyramid in Egypt to the Pyramid of the Sun in Mexico across the inside of the earth, and then go 20886 km into the outer space on the straight line from the Pyramid of the Sun, and now we arrive at the equator plane of the earth. Extend the line along the north side of the Great Pyramid into the outer space, and it crosses the equator is at its length of 20866 km. Moreover, million times of the length of the western side of the Pyramid of the Sun is exactly 20866km.
What does this message from creators of the civilizations mean ? Is there anything 20866km above the earth ?
British astronomers Duncan Lunan and M. W. Saunders supposed that there is a big satellite in which extraterrestrials put some useful information for earthlings at that height. Then they investigated orbital period of the hypothetical satellite which revolves 20,866 km over the earth. The result was 12.366384 hours. They noticed that this period is about one half of Mars's period of rotation, 24.6227077 hours. Now something is revealing itself. I suppose that a spaceship of the third people rotates at that point.
 A number of artifacts like "the Face," "D&M Pyramid,"and "Tholos" are being discovered on Mars. Certainly, Mars is very useful as a second base for extraterrestrials' activities on the earth. A space satellite between the earth and Mars would also be very useful.
           Famous "The Face" on Mars.
 3D computer graphics around the City. Lots of controversial structures. Times square on Mars ?
Oh, M&M....sorry, D&M Pyramid, utilizing the Golden Section ratio which makes it beautiful.
 By the way, the USA government tries to hide the fact of these artifacts. The reason would be as follows: If the fact of artifacts on Mars is demonstrated, then the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations will also be demonstrated. Then it is expected that the existing governments and systems on the earth would be overthrown by the new system of values. And the US government, now aiming to conquer the earth with its military and economical power, would have to abandon its ambition. That is why Washington wants to keep the fact of Mars secret. But the artifacts on Mars are well known and most people in the world try to block the US government's ambition to conquer the world. On the contrary, since an increasing number of people are now acknowledging the fact of Mars, peaceful and happy cosmic life on the earth will come soon.
 There are two satellites Phobos and Deimos around Mars. A space physicist of USSR, Shklovsky, concluded that these two satellites are not natural celestial bodies, but artificial structures made of aluminium and that their insides are hollow. The supporting evidences are as follows: Phobos goes round at the speed of three times of Mars' rotation speed and there are any other satellites like this in the solar system; the reflected light of Phobos and Deimos includes aluminium and aluminium is a scientifically refined substance and does not exist in nature, that density of Phobos is too low to be a natural satellite. Consequently, the only explanation is that Phobos is a hollow object with its enough strong outer shell to resist to the gravity of Mars and, since there are no celestial bodies that is hollow, these two satellites can be artificial bases built in imitation of nature objects.
(Right) Mars called Horakhty by ancient Egyptians. (Left) Controversial Phobos and Deimos
Ancient Egyptians referred to both the Great Pyramid of Giza and Mars as the one name Horakhty (Horus of the horizon). Horus is one of the Gods of Egypt. Ancient Egyptians thought of both Mars and the Great Pyramid as incarnations of Horus.
The creators of the civilizations left or continue to leave their traces on Mars.
At the beginning of civilizations, they taught all and left
 According to a Peruvian legend, after the Flood, big white people called Kon or Tiki and later named the Viracochas, bearded and wearing long robe, came up and advised barbarous Peruvians to love each other, do right things, and live with charity. Some of those white people were scientists, architectures, sculptors, and technicians, and others, teachers and doctors, giving comfort to patients everywhere they went. Also, they built a lot of pyramids. But once these kindhearted people were in danger to life, they raised their hands to the sky as if to look for help and used firing weapons. The legend says that the Viracochas' ship moved through the water without paddling. Afterward, the Viracochas were entrapped in a scheme and set adrift on the sea in their ship.
Strangely enough, also in Egypt, there is a legend of the Viracochas-like people called the Osiris who taught similar virtues.
  Osiris advised Egyptians to stop cannibalism and human sacrifices and brought laws and civilization. The legend also says that Osiris traveled all over the world and gave the benefits of civilization to other countries in the same way. When Osiris met barbarous Egyptians, he never forcibly imposed laws on them. Instead, he preferred to discuss and persuade them to understand logics. Then, Osiris was entrapped in a plot concocted by his brother-in-law, put in a box and set adrift on the sea. Afterwards, the brother-in-law chopped the body of Osiris into many pieces and threw them away. But Osiris' wife, named Isis gathered the pieces together and rejoined them by magic. Then Osiris revived with a perfect body and thenceforth reigned as king over the dead in the other world. Reviving with pieces of the dead body reminds us of cloning technology.
 Graham Hancock points out the following common points between the Viracochas and Osiris.
both were great civilizers
both were conspired against
both were struck down
both were sealed inside a container or vessel of some kind
both were then cast into water
both drifted away on a river
both eventually reached the sea
Are such parallels to be dismissed as coincidences ? Such identical things can not be called "a coincidence." There are a lot of stories in common between distant civilizations.
       ボリビア、ティアワナコの魚人像ウマントウア シュメールの魚人ウワン
       オシリス像(右) インカの英雄ビラコチャ
From the left, merman of Tiahuanaco, Umantua. Sumerian merman, Uan. Osiris in Egypt (sitting), and the Viracocha in Peru. All of the four brought civilization, taught the local people how to live and left. All of them have some tools in their hands. Considering their similar actions and teachings, they are supposed to belong to one people or group. This group may be seen more over the world.
 For example, it is said that a Bolivian reed boat on Lake Titicaca was designed by the Viracochas, but the design is exactly the same as that of reed boats used on the ancient Nyle.
 A stone statue at Tiahuanaco, Bolivia, is named Umantua. Umantua is half-human and half-fish, or a man wearing a fish costume and has some tools like machines in his hands. A tradition of the land says that he was a god of the lake, lived under water and brought civilization. In Maya language, Uan means those who make their abode under water.
Two statues of Umantua at Tiahuanaco. Both have machines in their hands and wear sunglasses or goggles. They are supposed to have some scientific power. I expected that they were extraterrestrials from outer space. In the above photo of the Viracocha, you will notice that he has goggle-shaped eyes if you look closely.
 There is a person who is quite similar to this god also in Sumer (now Southern Iraq). He is also half-human and half-fish or a fish-garbed man. And everyday he came up from the sea, taught literature, science, art, how to build houses, law, geometry, and manners and in the evening he went back to the sea. He was frank and often talked with people, but did not have meals together. It is said that Sumerian Civilization in Mesopotamia begun under his guidance. His name is Oannes or Uan which is very similar to the name Umantua of Bolivia. Moreover, like Umantua, the statue of Oannes in Sumer also has some tools in his hands. Isn't there enough evidence to convince us of some truth ?
A winged disc, a merman Oannes and his clone. This is a stamp of Sumerian Civilization.
 These common points between South America and far away Egypt and Sumer really imply that some mysterious "third party" were involved in the beginning of human civilizations. The Viracochas, Osiris, Oannes, and Umantua are obviously the men who have scientific knowledge and taught the basics of civilization to primitive earthlings who fought each other and ate human flesh. And they left. Humans who were left behind worshipped them and handed down the legends for all ages until now.
 But why are they so devoted and kind to humans ? It may have been quite painstaking to teach virtues to primitive earthlings. The reason is, I dare say, they were extraterresrials.
 There had been a tendency to laugh at the idea of extraterrestrials and UFOs or to spurn any attempt at discussing them based on archaeology (especially at universities). But that is nonsense. It requires intelligence to recognize the existence of extraterrestrials. It is thoroughly intellectual to relate archaeological things to UFOs and extraterrestrials, and people will notice it soon. Without acknowledging offcially, most people know in their heart that extraterrestrials exist. Space archaeological writers and readers, many scientists, and a lot other notice that humankind was created by some type of genetic manipulation by extraterrestrials. Obstinate and conventional communities are not easy to dismiss false ideas as such. But as in the Renaissance in Europe during the 15th century, a revolution in consciousness more will start in a few years.
 Since the US government and army surely know of the existence of extraterrestrials, they want to make people believe that extraterrestrials do not exist. A huge budget is spent for an attempt at communication with extraterrestrials. The US government seems to think seriously that they will be able to conquer the world with extraterrestrial technology. Please, everyone, watch out the disinformation of the US government ("extraterrestrials do not exist," "extraterrestrials are so scary,""the US army attacks for the sake of justice," "Isramic terror disturbs the world peace," etc). After the war against Iraq, the US government now tried to make war in North korea too. Profiting from the war, they never care and give gas how many Iraqi or Korean people die.
 Since the US army lost its archrival the Soviet Union after the Cold War, the officials were afraid that the budget and their salaries and status fall down. That is why they are desterately looking for a "new enemy of the Americans." It is the best policy for the military to make enemies and enter war, because their salaries rise and military necessity also increases. Consequently, American armaments industry flourishes during the war and American companies make money taking advantage of the opportunities offer by the post-war reconstruction. The terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and a series of envelopes containing Bacillus anthracis spores were almost the US government's self-playing tricks, for the purpose of manipulating public opinion to justify war (this was also the case with Pearl Harbor). Please, everyone, do not get deceived by the US government's tactics. Terrorism is not the enemy. It is the US government and army that are disturbing the world.
 To return, in Mexico, it is said that bearded, fair-skinned Quetzalcoatl came up from the sea and brought various civilizations. They were white, well-built and wore long white robes. Known as gods of peace, they accused the Mexicans of offering sacrifices, except for fruits and flowers, to gods, and and put their hands over their ears at the mention of wars. These wise leaders came from the sea and it is said that their boats could run on the water without rowing. They taught people how to cook with fire, how to build houses, how to live as a couple, and how to live peacefully without fighting. They also taught architecture, mathematics, astronomy, metallurgy, agriculture, medicine, and art. It is also said that they built many pyramids and other structures. In sum, a group like the Viracochas, Osiris, Oannes, Umantua appeared also in Mexico.
  Quetzalcoatl. Long-haired, bearded, and with a hip scarf. He is very cool.
 Quetzalcoatl was also called as Gucumatz or Kukulkan here and there. These all mean "winged snake." Snake symbols like this can be seen throughout the world. For example, snake worship and icons can be seen in Tiahuanaco in the Andes, ancient Egypt, Japan, and India. One of Olmec artifacts in Mexico is a stone relief showing a man riding a vehicle like a winged snake and operating the machine. The vehicle is like a single-pilot jet as appears in Star Wars. A man in the jet pushes down on the pedal, holds a clutch-like lever in his left hand and has something like an operation machine in his right hand. He wears a helmet with a machine, the like Luke Skywalker wore. Extraterrestrials may have flown around on this "winged snake" and brought many things to Mexican people.
(Left) A statue in Tula, Mexico. It may be the statue of a member of the Quetzalcoatls. This Quetzalcoatl wears goggles and has some machines in their hands. The belt looks very functional. (Right) Quetzalcoatl
A Quetzalcoatl riding in a single-pilot jet. Obviously it is a machine. If extraterrestrials had come up in a jet like this, Mexicans would have been people taken by surprise and cried in awe "Oh, God !"
 Many other messengers of civilizations
 There are traces that the Viracochas and Quetzalcoatls appeared not only in Centro and South America and Middle and Near East but also in other regions. In the Marquesas Islands, Polynesia, there is a legend of the son of the sun, Tiki, who was god and also the chief of the tribe. According to the Polynesia legend, the indigenous people were white with red hair and used to speak a totally different language. The white people had advanced knowledge and culture, and built stone statues and other structures. The real name of the above-mentioned Viracochas in Peru is "Tiki." In short, the messengers of civilizations came to Polynesia too.
     A stone statue of Tiki in the Marquesas Islands. It is huge !
 Talking about Tiki, the names of gods in Hawaii and Fiji are also Tiki. Traveling in Hawaii, we find a wood-carved statue everywhere in the airport and ABC stores. It is Tiki, who was considered to be the first human in Hawaii and worshipped as god of peace and prosperity. When European white Europeans came to the Hawaii islands, Hawaiians erroneously assumed that their gods came back, because Hawaiian ancestral gods had white skin and blond hair. 
(Left) Hawaiian Tiki (Right) Tikis in Fiji. A statue which is in the right most looks like an astronaut
 A tradition of Easter Island also tells that red-haired white people lived there first and built moai statues. They had long earlobes and were called the Long Ear tribe. Moai statues also have long ears. But long ears were also characteristic of the Viracochas in Peru, who were also called the Long Ear tribe. The Seven Gods of Good Fortune in Japan had long ears and their long ear lobes are supposed to signify good fortune. Perhaps gods (= messengers of civilizations) who appeared all over the world had one common image though its details are varied from resion to resion.
Moai statues with long ears. The local tradition tells that all statues in Easter Island mounted and stood up on their pedestals under the order of gods of creation.
(Left) An early stone statue of Easter island. (Right) Similar ones are often found around Titicaca Lake. Both assume a similar pose and parts of their eyes are also similar. Ears are long too.
 In Maldives, close to India, white people called the Redin tribe appeared in the early history. The Redin tribe people were tall and red-haired, and architects of huge stone statues and structures. They were also familiar with the use of copper and bronze. The walls of their structures are elaborately built and have no fissure. They resemble the walls supposedly made by Kon Tiki Viracochas in Cuzco, Peru. Moreover, a slate with a key pattern (swastikas) was discovered in Maldives. Similar ones are discovered all over the world.
Stone faces of the mysterious Redin tribe ? Long ears, here again.
(Left) A good job by Redin. (Right) Key pattern: A common symbol throughout the world.
 The stone statues of Tolharubang, gods of Cheju Island in Korea, are close to the stone statues of Titikaka Lake and Easter Island. Especially, they have goggle-shaped eyes in common. Tolharubang statue is also famous for its nose; if you touch it, you will be rich. If you find one, just ask him to allow you to touch it.
(Left and Middle) A stone statue of Tolharubang. He is very cool with sunglasses and a knit cap, as if to say, "I'm stuffed." (Right) A Moai statue, which has something in common.
 There are similar statues in japan too. Although there is no legend left about them, stone statues called monkey stones (Saruishi) in the Asuka area bear a great resemblance to the stone statues of Easter island and Cheju island. It is almost a fixed rule that their eyes are like sunglasses.
    (Left) A man who can not eat anymore (Right) Did you call me ?
 In this way, fair-skinned messengers of civilization with helmets or goggles appeared all over the world, built the basics of civilizations and left their stone statues here and there. Considering the structures of the pyramids they built, they must have had considerably advanced technology.
     Strange coincidences
  Robert. M. Schoch, one of the authors of Voyages of the Pyramid Builders, states about strange coincidence between remote civilizations as follows:
 "The Popol Vuh,"the scriptures of Maya in Central America, contains a lot of stories similar to the famous stories in Middle East. For example, when Maya traveled to the New World, "they crossed the sea, and then the waters of the sea were divided and a path appeared." This reminds us of the famous story in the book of Exodus; the waters of the Red Sea were divided, and the Israelites whom the Egyptians followed in pursuit went through the sea and saved.
 In both Babylonia and Maya, toothache was believed to be caused by the gnawing of a worm in the tooth and the gum.
 In the Bible, a snake tempts Eve to eat an apple, and in The Popol Vuh has a similar story: Hun Hunahpu, one of Mayan gods, tempted a virgin girl to eat a forbidden fruit of a special tree. Then, a skull god got angry, spitted into one of her hands and so made her pregnant with Hunahpu and Ixbalangue. Also in Bible, God got angry with Eve who ate the apple and after that Eve got pregnant of Cain and Abel.
 The Israelites, the Sumerian, ancient Greeks and Maya, they all made the number 7 sacred.
 In the world after death of both Maya and ancient Egypt, there are snakes watching at the entrance of the second stage, a broad wild land in the fourth stage, and people enjoying in a water paradise in the eighth stage.
 Ancient Egypt and Peru have the same process of making a mummy: both inserted a hook-like tool into the anus of the dead body and remove the internal organs; both also reserved the internal organs in a special pot named Canopus; both also mummified dogs.
 Peruvian Dogs are more similar to Egyptian dogs than any other dog in the American Continents.
 There were two ways of weaving cotton in Peru. One was a vertical type of waving machine with two beams. This type was also used in Mesopotamia and the New Kingdom of Egypt. The other was a horizontal type of machine which was fixed on the ground with posts. This type was used in ancient Egypt.
 Purple signified noble status in ancient Greek and Roma. In Maya and the northern part of South America, it was also the symbol of wealth and high status. In Mediterranean Sea and Central and South America, a purple dyestuff was produced through complicated process from abundant spiral shells. To produce only 15g of dyestuff, a few thousands of big spiral shells were used. Also in Japan, purple symbolized nobleness from ancient times.
 "Chicken" is called Karcha in India, Karaka by the Arawak in the northern part of South America, ke, ki, and kae in Chinese, ke, ki, and aku in Maya language, ondori and mendori in Japanese, and otori and totori by the Tarahumara in the north western part of Mexico.
 A split-and-grooved blowgun. It was used by the original inhabitants of Malaysia, the northern part of Borneo, and the Luzon Isrand, as well as the Huma in North America and the natives of Amazon and Caribbean Colombia. In Indonesia and South America, poison for blowgun darts is taken from different kinds of trees, but the ways of collecting the sap are the same and the names of the trees are also similar.
 The peoples who worshipped the Pleiades are the Lascaux people known in the cave paintings at Lascaux, Mexicans in Teotihuacan, Greeks, people in the Old Testament, Peruvians, Egyptians, etc.
       The Pleiades
 In this way, there are many strange coincidences across continents.
 In conclusion, there was "a third party" who brought civilizations all over the world. Considering the resemblance of their myths, civilizations and architectures, the third party is supposed to belong to one group. It is highly possible that the they are extraterrestrials because of their high technology and their relationship with outer space.
      A relief of a spaceship. Many similar reliefs were found from La coni, Italy.

(1) Voyages of the Pyramid Builders  Robert M. Schoch
(2) Finger Prints of the Gods  Graham Hancock