The pyramids in Egypt, 4500years and 12500years

 Giza's pyramids in Egypt are known by everybody. History textbooks say that the pyramids are tombs that were built by Pharaoh Khufu and Pharaoh Menkaure, and were likely constructed by tens of thousands of slaves pulling big stones.
But one can not help but notice that this is not true if one knows even a few of scientific details of the pyramids.
Chris Dunn, who is from Manchester in the UK and a space aeronautics engineer, found that the sarcophagus and Kings Chamber were made by hollowing a mass of granite using a modern machine called tsutsunoko.
The granite cylinders that were quarried in the process of execution may be found in a museum in England.
There are spiral groves around the quarried cylinders and the groves go 2.5mm with one rotation intothe granite.
A 1983 modern industrial diamond drill could proceed 0.005mm into granite per rotation, but the drill in this pyramid proceeded 2.5mm per rotation.
So builders of the pyramids had a drill which had five hundred times the feeding rate as 1983 science technology. Moreover, this super drill cut strongly into the hardest part of granite, the quartz part.
Chris Dunn exchanged ideas with his engineering friends and concluded that technology called "supersonic wave processing" must have been used in this drill. Supersonic wave processing is quite adequate to cut hard and brittle materials (such as calcified steel, ceramic, etc.) with its high wave lengths.
Because it was perfectly accurate, it is supposed that the work was not done by people but was controlled by computers.

The sarcophagus in the King's Chamber: Made of solid granite, this sarcophagus was produced by hollowing out cylinders of granite in an orderly fashion, as in the picture.
One of the hollowed out cylinders: It has gloves from the drill that can be wrapped by thread.
The archaeology museum at London University has the cylinders. A tasteful, London-ish museum.
From a technological point of view, it can be seen that the Great Pyramid was made using more advanced technology than that of today's engineering machines.

1 A stone that weighs two hundred tons
For example, a piece of Khafre's Lower Temple stone next to Sphinx weighs about two hundred tons. It is said that there are only two cranes which can carry the weight of two hundred tons in the United States. But a few hundred of two hundred ton class class stones were used in this Lower Temple.
The chief of the crane that lifted a two hundred ton boiler in Long Island, New York said the following about the block stones of the Lower Temple.
"I'm looking at what you're showing me here, and looking at the distances involved. I don't know if we would be able to pick the 200-ton blocks from the positions that I see available to us... In my business we pick heavy loads, and we look to see how heavy loads were picked by other people before us. And seeing how they moved these heavy blocks, 200-ton blocks, thousands and thousands of years ago, I have no idea how they did this job. It's a mystery and it'll probably always be a mystery to me, and maybe to everybody. " (1)
It seems to be very hard, even with modern science, to lift two hundred ton objects.
But there is a piece of stone as heavy as four hundred and ninety tons among the block stones used for the Pyramids.
The heaviest weight that the crawler transporter that was used to transport the Saturn Rocket at a USA space base can transport is five hundred tons.
A technician of Obayashi Corporation, a Japanese general contractor, said the following.
"The task of lifting and putting down a huge, four hundred ninety ton stone practically must be really hard work, even for a modern giant crane operations specialist. " 
In addition, the stones around the top of the Great Pyramid are the biggest, making it obvious that the Great Pyramid could not have been built with today's technology.
Megaliths from the Lower Temple.
A huge stone at the entrance of the temple.
2 The Northen Latitude of 30 Degrees
The Great Pyramid is located 1.6km south from the Northen latitude of 30 degrees. This location is exactly one third of the way from the equator to the North Pole.
This can not be said to be a coincidence. It seems as if somebody looked at the Earth from outer space and decided on the locations these pyramids would be set in.
And the Great Pyramid is located at almost exactly the Northern latitudeof 30degrees. Its precise position is latitude 29 degrees 58 51 N, and this also seems to have meaning.
The chief of Royal Observatory of Scotland observed the following.
"If the original designer had wished that men should see with their bodily, rather than their mental eyes, the pole of the sky from the foot of the Great Pyramid, at an altitude before them of 30 degrees, he would have had to take account of the refraction of the atmosphere, and that would have neccessiated the building standing not at latitude 30 degrees, but at latitude 29 degrees 58' 22''. "(1)
That is to say, the Great Pyramid is nearly located at the astronomical Northern latitude of 30 degrees, which takes the inflection of the atomosphere into account.
Considering these points, it can be seen that the Great Pyramid had been built taking the view of the Earth from outer space and space from Earth into account.
3 Right angles
The Great Pyramid's four corners are almost perfectly right-angled. Their error is as below:
0 degree 00 minutes 02 seconds     0 03 02
           0 00 33         0 03 33
Graham Hancock said the following:
"This, it must be conceded, is not just atomic clock accuracy but the Rolex, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Rolls-Royce and IBM of building engineering all rolled into one. "(1)
4 Due north
The Great Pyramid looks toward extremely accurate directions. The north side faces due north, and the east side does due east.
For example, even the Meridian building of the Greenwich astronomical observatory in London, which requires accuracy, has a declination of 9 degrees and 60 minutes to the Meridian (the north-south line of the Earth).
On the other hand, the great pyramid has a deviation of only 1degree and 60 minitues to Meridian.
It seems that this gigantic pyramid achieved quite easily an accuracy that even modern architecture can not seem to imitate.
The lowest step of the north side of the great pyramid. It is said that a razor can not be placed get in the joint between the stones.
There are many scientific investigations of this type of Giza's pyramids. In addition to science, archaeology is always making progress as well. The imaginative theory that tens of thousands of slaves built the pyramids using man power is becoming unreliable.
Elements of more advanced science than modern scinece and of the universe and the Earth can be clearly seen in the construction of Giza's pyramid.
The pyramid as the system to make energy
Recently many technicians and archaeologists have pointed out that the pyramids were an energy-generating system.
While Chris Dunn, a former high-tech engineer of the space aeronautics industry, investigated the complicated and geometric structure of the inside of the Great Pyramid and was convinced that it was the husk of a gargantuan mechanical device from which the most important inner structural parts had been detached for some reason.
It was built with an abundance of cut stones, 2.3 million pieces weighing 5.8 million tons, using higher technology than that now used in the newest high-rise buildings, because constructers wanted a large enough reward... that is, an enormous supply of electric power.
Chris Dunn supposed that the Great Pyramid amplified and changed sound waves (vibration wave) that came from the inside the Earth into electric power.
The book by Dunn, "The Giza Power Plant." The cover is so cool.
Only important parts of the Great Pyramid, such as the King's Chamber, sarcophagus, and relieving chambers, are made of granite blocks (the other parts are all limestone).
The idea is that this granite may have changed the vibrational waves of the Earth into electricity. Quartz in granite has a characteristic that it changes vibrations like sound waves into electricity, and reversely electricity into vibrations.
Dunn also directed his attention to the walls of the Queen's Chamber, which were thickly coated with salt. Since such salt cannot be seen in other places, this has long been considered to be a mystery.
However, it has been found that a thick salt layer like this could be made if hydrogen gas filled the room.
This thick salt layer was composed of calcium carbonate (an ingredient of limestone), sodium chloride (rock salt), calcium sulfate (gypsum), and so on. These ingredients are minerals that would form were hot hydrogen gas to react with the limestone of the walls and the ceiling. He said that the Queen's Chamber was a device for producing hydrogen gas.
Dunn confidently speculated that a maser (similar to a razor) of this hydrogen gas was used to conduct electricity instead of copper wire.
Dunn's idea of a vibrational wave power plant. He got a great idea !
It is not only Chris Dunn who supposed that the Great Pyramid was an energy producing device.
In his book, Burne Heartman from Canada expressed his opinion that the pyramid was a huge limestone sponge that absorbed the water of the Nile River and changed it to hydrogen and oxygen, and then burnt hydrogen to make thermal power energy.
A question that came into his head was also why only the King's Chamber, sarcophagus, and relieving chambers were made of granite, though other parts of the pyramid were made of limestone.
Heartman's opinion is that hydrogen was burnt in the King's Chamber, and the relieving chambers played a part like a smokestack to lower the level of heato a level the surrounding limestone could bear.
Hydrogen energy theory by Alan F. Alford
Alan F. Alford supposed that a water fuel battery (heat energy which can be obtained by splitting water into hydrogen and oxygen and burning the hydrogen) existed in the empty space of the Queen's Chamber. Then he said that hydrogen was burnt at the sarcophagus of the King's Chamber.
I feel that the fact that these three persons all turned into their attention to points of granite and hydrogen. It is a surprising that they have the same opinion, that "the hydrogen was produced in the Queen's Chamber," and "hydrogen was burnt in the King's Chamber."

An empty niche in the Queen's Chamber. There may have been a device to produce hydrogen here.
An illustration of the Queen's Chamber and the niche. It clearly shows its function.
I would like to introduce here an idea of a reader who sent a mail to Space a GoGo. He bothered to send me what flashed upon him when he read chapter 5 of Space a GoGo.
I introduce it as the original mail.
"About the pyramid, I think that it may be an energy plant.
This idea popped into my mind when I read the sentence about granite being used in the King's Chamber.
Pressing high pressure (to granite) produces strong electric energy. And that the pyramid seemed to use water.
Water, high pressure and electricity. Then I hit on the idea that this may have been a nuclear fusion reactor.
I studied physics a little when I was young. I checked the conditions under which nuclear fusion happens, and I was surprised.
First, it needs heavy hydrogen, and it seems that this can be extracted from water in a simple chemical reaction.
Then, by compressing that heavy hydrogen highly, to one hundred million degrees, nuclear fusion can be ignited. And it is possible to contain that energy by making an electromagnetic field with strong voltage.
That is, if heavy hydrogen were under high pressure in the King's Chamber, strong electromagnetic waves would arise from the granite and contain the energy. Moreover once this reaction happened, it would work semi-permanently, as long as water existed.
This is a perfect nuclear fusion reactor, isn't it ? "
"This is only a supposition," he said and taught the idea of nuclear fusion reactor as above. I think that this has high probability.
Nuclear fusion energy arises when heavy hydrogen is heated to one hundred million degrees. This is safe and clean energy because nuclear waste is not produced, as it was in past nuclear reactors and fast-breeder nuclear reactors. Nuclear energy that uses hydrogen will be put to practical use in the middle of the 21th century.
Various observations about energy that uses hydrogen have been made, and I too think that the Great Pyramid likely used hydrogen energy.
Hydrogen energy is the energy of the future, and its development has advanced in many countries. Unlimited hydrogen may be obtained from water, and moreover only water is produced after energy is output and neither carbon dioxide nor noxious fumes are produced. This energy can be said to be the ultimate clean energy. BMW in Germany began to produce hydrogen engine cars from 200, too. It is said that solid hydrogen will appear in the near future. It is no wonder that humans of advanced civilizations used to use this convenient energy.
It is highly likely that the Great Pyramid was an energy system like this, and in fact there is content indicating this in ancient documents from B.C.
Sumerian Ancient Documents and the Pyramids
According to studies by Zecharia Sitchin, in ancient clay tablet documents of Sumerian civilization in Southern Iraq, what happened after Noah's Flood is written as follows:
At first, extraterrestrial Anunnaki transferred high urban civilization and sovereignty to the first region of Mesopotamia, the second region of the valley of Nile River (Egypt) and all Africa, the third region the valley of Indus River (India), and the fourth region Tirmun (the Sinai Peninsula), in turn.
Beautiful Sumerian characters
And it is written that they built newly a space port in the Sinai Peninsula, a space control center in Jerusalem, three pyramids in Egypt as lane signs (beacons) for landing at the space port, and a space port for emergency in Baalbek.
It becomes a beautiful isosceles triangle with the apex of Ararat Mountain. Jerusalem is located exactly at the point of intersection of Baalbek-Katerina mountain line and the centerline. This is clearly an artificial layout.
An Anunnaki scientist, Enki (he is Lucifer in the Bible), seems to have been in charge of the construction of the pyramids. Lucifer is a person who created human beings scientifically and also a specialist of architecture and metallurgy.
     The pyramid under construction
The finished pyramid. The snakes at the top indicate that Enki, or in other words the Elohim scientist Lucifer, had a team of snakes that built this pyramid.
In ancient Sumerian documents, the Great Pyramid was called Ekur (a house like a mountain). The pyramid appeared in poetry of that time and was expressed as follows.
"It controls sky ships"
"It is equipped with a great function that connects the Heaven and Earth"
"It shoots a stream of light that reaches far beyond and is a house in which the red light of heaven shines"
"It brings the great one that watches to earth as it rotates"
"It is a great guidepost for the air palace"
The Great Pyramd was quite a practical construction as an air facility that guided extraterrestrial Anunnaki who came from outer space, namely the spaceships of the extraterrestrial Elohim, to the Earth.
Those who entered into the Great Pyramid often comment on its functional ambience. Moreover, one difference between it and other remains in Egypt is that decoration and tables are not carved on it at all, and treasures and relics were not left in it at all. It is very partial to functionality.
Text books of history still give an old theory that Giza's pyramids were tombs constructed by Pharaoh Khufu and Pharaoh Menkaure. However there is evidence that the pyramids already existed at the times of the first Pharaoh Menes who was enthroned far before Pharaoh Khufu. The pyramids had been carved on the memorial table of unity of Egypt by Menes.
A table of Pharaoh Menes and an actual of the pallet. On the upper left, a small pyramid can be seen.
As Sumerian ancient documents indicate, the Great Pyramid was constructed before the throne of Egypt was passed to humans, in the age of the reign of gods, that is, the age in which Elohim governed. The Egyptian gods, Ra, Osiris, and Isis can be thought of as extraterrestrial Elohim.
As many archaeologists point out, the myth of Osiris and Isis is similar in content to the myths of South American Peru and other districts (please see Chapter 5).
What can explain these similarities is the inference that Graham Hancock asserted, that an"invisible order" created and established civilization on the Earth. Thinking in this way, it is possible to consent that sophisticated civilizations such as Sumer and Egypt appeared suddenly. In fact, Sumerians and Egyptians wrote in ancient documents many times that civilization is what people called god gifted.
Zecharia Sitchin determined from ancient documents that extraterrestrial Anunnaki gave civilization to human beings by turns. Extraterrestrial Elohim, whose name has the same meaning as the Sumerian word Anunnaki (= those who came from the sky), are precisely the invisible third people. The biggest evidence of this is the surprising content of "The Book Which Tells the Truth" eventually. I thought that there is nothing that explains as clearly as this book, which discloses the history of the Earth and future science, and the truth of the universe. Especially it gave me surprise about human history. All pieces became one picture.
New translation version of "The Book Which Tells the Truth"that was issued in 2005. The pictures are fun and it is much easier to read.
Moreover, the ambience inside the Great Pyramids is written about in details in ancient Sumerian documents.
According to a description, Ninurta of Anunnaki entered into the pyramid at the time of the ancient pyramid war, and a stone called "Siam's stone" that emitted a red beam was set in the niche of the Queen's Chamber of the Great Pyramid. This "Siam's stone" seemed to be the heart of the pyramid.
A niche of the Queen's Chamber. Was the"Siam's Stone"that existed here and emitted a red beam a hydrogen producing device ?
Along the cloister, twenty seven pairs of "crystal stone"that were placed here evenly in both walls. It is said that this cloister was "full of a luminance like a rainbow."
The Grand Gallery An illustration of The Grand Gallery. It is said that 27 pairs of glittering crystal stones were set up here.
It is said that next to the King's Chamber is the most sacred space in the Great Pyramid. From this room a "net" was spread to "check the heavens and the Earth." A precise device that played a central part in flight navigation was slotted in the sarcophagus of the King's Chamber. The heart of this device was an "orientating stone"(Guru's stone). A beam emitted from this stone was amplified in the upper space of a room partitioned into five layers and was send out through the north and south air shafts.
A set of rader systems was placed in the sarcophagus in the King's Chamber.
In the top of the pyramid, "Sky-height stone (Ur's stone),"namely a pyramid cap was set up.
This is a pyramid cap. This one is in the Museum of Egypt at Cairo. Recent studies have found that electrons fly well from the top of a triangular spindle of pyramid form.
When there was such a variety of devices inside and the top had such a cap, people of today can infer quickly that this was something like a radio wave plant.
However, Ninurta who was a winner of the ancient pyramid incident, removed those stones at that time, and stopped the Great Pyramid from working at all. Therefore the inside of the Pyramid that we see today is only empty space as all its devices were stripped.
Of the stripped devices and stones, what is known well is that crystal stones existed in the Grand Gallery. The crystal was quartz crystal, which has piezoelectric effect qualities, namely, it can change sound or beating and pressure vibrations into electricity (by contrary it can change electricity to vibrations). Crystals that were placed in the Grand Gallery were not for lightning the cloisters, but may have been some flight navigation system device.
Songs of the 18 Egyptian dynasties describe how the Sphinx next to the Great Pyramid also functioned as a space communications center.
Correspondence comes down from the heaven.
It is heard at Heliopolis
It is repeated in Memphis.
By the beautiful face (meaning the Sphinx)
Gods act according to the correspondence
(Heliopolis is Perlbek where a space port for emergency existed. Memphis is the then capital of Egypt near Giza.)
Some Elohim who stayed on the Earth may have communicated with Elohim on the Moon and Mars from Giza and acted according to their instructions.
Ancinet Egyptians thought that there was a close relationship between Mars and Giza's pyramids. Mars and the Great Pyramid were called the same name as "Horus of Horizon, (Horakhty)".
Since many traces of Elohim bases were found on Mars and the Moon, it can be considered that there was frequent communication between planets from Giza.
Pyramids area in Sidonia, Mars.
Giza's Pyramids. Extraterrstrial Elohim may have contacted each other between these two areas.
The Great Pyramid and the meaning of 4500years and 12500years
According to research by Robert Bauval from England, the Great Pyramid seemed to relate closely to the movement of celestial bodies.
Bauval reproduced the ancient sky of Giza by making the best use of computers and found that four shafts of the Great Pyramid ranged precisely on four configurations in B.C. 2500 (4500years ago). With that alone, we may presume that this was just coincidental. However, the four configurations were all important for ancient Egyptians.
This is the miracle of four bingos in B.C. 2500.
In the first place, the Zeta star of Orion is a star of the main god Osiris, who brought civiliation to Egypt. Sirius is the goddess Isis. Beta of Ursa Minor is a star which meant "regeneration of the universe and immortality of soul " to ancient Egyptian. Pharaohs used to consider Alpha of Draco as "the pregnancy and conception of the universe."
Besides, ancient Egyptians called the Milky Way "the Nile River of the sky." And it was found that Giza's three pyramids reproduce the middle three stars of Orion. Therefore, Bauval et al thought that there must have been a time when the position of the sky (Orion and the Milky way) and the ground (Giza's pyramids and Nile River) were identically matched, and investigated this using computers. Then they didn't accord in B.C. 2500, but accorded perfectly in B.C. 10500 (12500 years ago).
The position of Orion and the Milky Way is synchronized with the position of Giza's pyramids and the Nile River. It is so romantic !
Orion, which rises little by little from B.C. 10500. That means a lot .
It is known that Orion, which is located in the sky due south of the Great Pyramid, ascends on the meridian from the bottom to the top (from 9' 20'' to 58' 14'') over 12960 years and descends again from the top to the bottom over 12960 years. 12960 years corresponds to a half cycle of the precession of the Earth's axis.
In aforesaid B.C. 10500, Orion was at its lowest place (9' 20''), ascended slowly from there and stayed at the position of 45degrees in B.C. 2500, then in 2000 A.C. Orion was located in the position of 58' 9''. A half cycle of the precession had just begun in 10500 B.C. and Orion was going up slowly like a lever installed in the ditch. Graham Hancock called it "The Beginning" and supposed that this suggested that something had begun.
It is not only that. Before the dawn of the vernal Equinox Day in B.C. 10500, the constellation Leo appeared on the due horizon. This layout with the Sphinx, who has the same pose, can only be seen on only this day. This is exactly "The Beginning".
When humans were created by the Elohim in "The Beginning," a lion looked at Leo on the skyline.
Pyramids builders obviously left messages that they wanted us to notice in B.C. 2500 and especially in B.C. 10500. What happened in B.C.10500 ?
According to messages from the Elohim, it was B.C. 13000 that scientists of the Elohim created the first human being (Adam of the Bible) in the laboratory. Inferring from this, civilizations of human beings may have started in B.C. 12500. Perhaps the Sphinx also may have been built at that time.

How about B.C. 2500 years ? According to the Elohim, it was in about B.C. 3000 years that living things on the Earth were rooted away. After that, the Elohim noticed a cycle of life in which the Elohim themselves were created before by scientists of other planets and were doing the same thing on the Earth. Next, they reproduced the cells of all living things, which were preserved in Noah's spaceship. And it may have been B.C. 2500 that civilizations resumed again. It is thinkable that the three pyramids were built at Giza as a new space-air guidance system.
Robert Shock, a professor of geology in Boston University, said that vertical ditches and horizontal trenches in the sphinx were caused by erosion due to rain.
As evidence, the Sphinx has large tracks due to erosion by water, but the pyramids don't have them. It can be inferred that the traces of erosion on the Sphinx arose at the time of the Noah's Flood.
After that, it led to today's, our human, society. This moves me very much. Orion, which has been climbing step by step above the pyramids from B.C. 10500, symbolizes the state earthling development since their birth.
The Elohim are supposed to visit the earth until A.C. 2035. More details are available here in "Intelligent Design Message from the Designers."

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(1) Keeper og Genesis  Robert Bauval Graham Hancock