Relationship between the Elohim and Israel in the Bible and today

 The phrase "did what was good and right in the eyes of the Lord (Yahweh) " often appears in the Bible. It is used when the King of Israel showed respect to the Elohim as God, didn't worship idols, and did the right thing in general.
The Elohim chose the Israelites who were the best people among humans as nearest to them. The mission of the Israelites was to send the message of the Elohim to all humans. So namely they were agents of the Elohim on the Earth.
But the Israelites at the time before Christ often made gold cattle statues to pray to as gods, or worshipped the gods of other tribes (idols like Ba'al).
The Elohim could not bear the chosen people, the Israelites, ignoring the existence of the Lord (Yahweh of the Elohim) and praying to meaningless cattle statues. They may have thought "What in the world are you doing ?"
   Old Israelites prayed, "Oh, god of cattle !"
"For the Levites left their common lands and their holdings and came to Judah and Jerusalem, because Jeroboam and his sons cast them out from serving as priests of Yahweh, and he (Jeroboam) appointed his own priests for the high places and for the goat idols and for the calves that he had made."   (2 Chronicles 11)
When the King of Israel took initiative in worshipping cattle and Ba'al, it was hardest. Such a king reigned only for a short time. He lost his wars and his country was also dominated by other countries.
"And when the men of Judah shouted, Elohim defeated Jeroboam and all Israel before Abijah and Judah. ... Jeroboam did not recover his power in the days of Abijah. And Yahweh struck him down, and he died." (2 Chronicles 13)
Israelites surrendering to Assyria. As they are chosen people, when they did not follow the teachings of the Elohim, they were put into situations like "Please help, God."
But kings who broke statues of Ba'al and cattle and respected and worked for the Elohim fortunately had long reigns and full lives. Their countries also flourished greatly. The Bible tells the following.
"Asa (who reigns in Judah) did what was good and right in the eyes of Yahweh his God. He took away the foreign altars and the high places and broke down the pillars and cut down the Asherim and commandedto seek Yahweh, the God of their fathers, and to keep the law and the commandment. And the Kingdom had rest under him. He built fortified cities in Judah, for the land of the rest. He had no war in those years, for the Yahweh gave him peace."  (2 Chronicles 14)
The Bible points out those things with much detail.
When kings are classified by:
Kings who served greatly with only the Elohim as Gods are ○.
Kings who served for the Elohim a little are △.
Kings who went into idolatry such as Ba'al are ×.

○ King David reigned for 40 years.
○ King Solomon succeeded King David. He reigned 40 years.
After that the country was divided into Judah and Israel.
     Judah          Israel
×Rehoboam 17years,   ×Jeroboam 22years
×Abijah 3years,       ×Nadab 2years
○Asa 41years,        ×Baasha 24years
                 ×Elah 2years
○Jehoshaphat 25years,  ×the captain of the chariots Zimri                  7days
 Peace between them
×Jehoram 8years,   ×the commander of the army                     Omri 12years
                ×Ahab 22years
×Ahaziah 1years,      ×Joram 2years
○Joash 40years,       ×Jehu 28years
○Amaziah 29years,     ×Jehoahaz 17years
                 ×Jehoash 16years
○Azariah 52years,     △JeroboamU41years

 Kings with the sign ○ all had long reigns of 40 to 50 years and won all wars. Their private lives were also great. The prosperity of the time of King Solomon who built the Palace for the Elohim is especially famous.
Kings with the sign × mostly reigned for a short time and sometimes died in wars or through betrayal. It was quite diffcult for them.
There are many kings with ○ from the country of Judah, but no kings with ○ from the country of Israel. This may be because kings of Judah were in the lineage of David and Solomon.

The country of Israel and kings that entered into agreements with the Elohim had wealth, honor and peace. These stories are what really happened.
And can these things also happen today ?
According to "Intelligent Design Message from the Desingers," in 1979 the Elohim made seven important rabbis have the same dreams by telepathy in order to tell them of the coming of the Messiah. And at the same time, Rael was also guided by the Elohim and wrote to the seven rabbis to tell them that he is the Messiah written in ancient documents and that he wants the Embassy of the Elohim in Jerusalem.
The Messiah who appears at the end of the world is the person that the people of Israel have been looking forward to seeing for a long time. The Dead Sea Scrolls, which were found in a cave near the Dead Sea located near the border between Israel and Jordan, tell that the Messiah will appear about 2018. And in the Melchizedek document which was also found in a cave near the Dead Sea, it is written that the Messiah will come out in the appearance of a high priest from the Heaven.   
The word Messiah derives from the word Mitra which is related to Maitreya, Miroku, and means the existence that "is in the neutral zone which exists between the heaven and the Earth, and effects to the ground from there to teach and guide people." Though Jesus was taken for the Messiah, he said clearly that he was a prophet but not the Messiah. The Messiah is the prophet who appears in the end of the world. The prophet who appears in the end of the world, namely today, is exactly Rael himself.
   Concept view of the Elohim Embassy
During the New Year of Judaism in 1991, Rael requested that the leader of the Rabbis in Israel build the Elohim Embassy. The leader of Rabbis, Eliyahou, accepted the request for land to build the Embassy.
With that, the government of Israel investigated the Raelian Movement. The investigation group concluded that Raelian movement is peaceful and not a harmful group to the government of Israel. Moreover two important Rabbis pointed out, "there is possibility that Rael is the expected Messiah, so it is better not to do any harm to Rael."
Since the Israel government acted positively to the Elohim Embassy in this way, peace talks between Israel and Palestine was miraculously concluded in Oslo, 1993.
    Agreement in Oslo.
Nevertheless, Prime Minister Rabin did not accept the proposal of the Embasssy after all (1993).
If the proposal was accepted, peace with Palestine was supposed to have been brought by the Elohim. Yahweh said the following.

"Though we requested the embassy be constructed for welcoming us near Jerusalem, the obstinate government refused to give us permission for the necessary extraterritorial rights many times.

"We give priority to Jerusalem because of purely emotional reasons. For us, anywhere could be Jerusalem as long as it is a place where humans love us, respect us, and welcome us with enough respect. And the chosen people are those who know who we are and want to welcome us, that is, Raelians. The true Jews on the Earth are not the people in Israel anymore but all people who really recognize us as their creator and want us come back.

"The connection which the people in Israel and we have is now about to be broken, and a new relationship is about to be formed. There is little time left for them to understand their mistake before they will be made to break up.

"On the other hand, we request permission and nesessary extraterritorial rights from all the countries on the Earth for the construction of the Embassy. A radius of 1 kilometer is acceptable on the land or the water if it is prohibited to sail there.

"If some countries give this permission (the the construction of the Embassy), Israel will only have a short time to consider this final choice between giving permission and maintaining their priority or not giving permission and having the Embassy be built in another place and people of David lose our protection and be broken up."

 This oppotunity was very regrettable as it seems to be hard to obtain peace in this situation. If this case appeard in the Bible, the Bible would say, "King Rabin rejected the proposal from the prophet. He lost the chance to obtain peace because of it." ( )
In 2006, Israel invaded Lebanon, and Israel's attack on Palestine still continued. On August 27, 2006, the Messiah Rael told of the future of Israel after the war with Lebanon.

The Messiah, Rael. His cloths are fabulous.

 "The protection of the Elohim that Israel has benefited from runs the risk of disappearing and the State is likely to be destroyed once again. It might be because the Embassy will not be built and because of the crimes against Humanity that Israel might commit.
For the Elohim will also cease protecting Israel if its armies show bloodthirsty behavior contrary to the Messages, even if the Embassy was to be built there. In other words, not only must Israel build the Embassy, but it must also have an exemplary humane and humanitarian behavior. Under no circumstance would the Elohim protect or even come with what could be understood by other nations as an unconditional support of Israel's policy, if this policy was criminal.
That is why it is important for Raelians to defend absolute non-violence as proclaimed by the Messages, while practicing self-defence -and nothing more-, and avoiding killing at any price. And even better still, of no longer accepting to be more and more one of the richest countries in the world by not doing anything to fight against the poverty of the surrounding countries, in particular that of the Palestinians, whose misery comes partially from the creation of the State of Israel.
 Palestinian children. Gaza has nice surfing spots. I wanna go there soon !
Israelis can not be satisfied to be just ordinary humans. Being the chosen people, they must be extraordinary and exemplary if they want to be worthy of keeping this temporary Promised Land.
They must be extraordinary in love and non-violence.
If walking in rows towards the extermination camps is out of the question, then it should also be out of the question to subject others to inhumane treatment by justifying these criminal attitudes with the fear of finding oneself in crematoriums, or by the fact of wanting to protect oneself from such possibilities.
Jews worldwide know that these horrors will not reoccur because Humanity, as a whole, would no longer allow it. Agitating these ghosts from the past to justify the horrors committed towards other nations is a justification used too often by certain fanatic Jews whom we know pretty well, and who would be ready to deport the Arab-Israelis on a massive scale with the pretext, of course, that it is to prevent the recurrence of possible holocausts... A great excuse to turn into a persecutor with impunity !
The suffering and drama of the past does not justify the crimes committed towards others. If Israel wants to survive, and even more so to have the Embassy, it must become a model of love, non-violence and sharing.
Even if Israel sustains some losses caused by terrorists, let's always remember Gandhi asking to answer hatred with love. Israel needs a Jewish Gandhi... not a Bush, a Sharon or Netanyahu... In practice, and even if that brings human losses due to extremists blowing themselves up, give back all occupied territories, allow the return of Palestinian refugees, help with their economic development and the reconstruction of a Palestinian and Lebanese State.
The only way that things would change is by sharing all the American subsidies with these countries, accepting Palestinian students as well as from neighboring countries, at no charge in all the Israel Universities, providing an education that would destroy extremism, etc.
As fanatical Muslims are saying, and even Israel experts agree, with time the Muslims will become more numerous and exceed a billion facing an Israel micro-state. If the reasoning that the strongest will prevail is true, then time will undoubtedly ensure that strongest will be the Muslims.
Even a temporary technological superiorityis useless when one-and-a-half billion Muslims decide to end it all with Israel... especially if the crimes of the Israeli's turn some countries away that were previously sympathetic to Israel. Even if Israel annihilates some capitals with its nuclear weapons in an ultimate effort to protect itself, that will only precipitate its end, as the hatred generated by such actions will then be global and not only Muslim.
The only solution is once again love and non-violence. Some claim that it is risky. Certainly, but much less than the dynamic of the will of the strongest...
Israel desperately needs a Jewish Gandhi as a political leader."

When Gandhi arrived at the port in South Africa as an activist, he was attacked by a rioting mob of white people. At that time, he said, "If they notice their mistake, they will be quiet. I believe there is justice in them," and refused a proposal to escape to a police station. He is such a great person. By the way, his hobby was walking.
The people of Israel received a chance at having their own country again after its break-up of 2000years in order to send the message of the Elohim all over the world and build the Embassy of the Elohim as the third Palace. The Israeli people have not noticed this fact yet, but we will be expecting them to do so in the future.