Two UFOs The Sphinx at GizaRael met a Eloah in Clermont Ferrand in 13, December, 1973.


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 Hello, everyone ! This Web site verifies new evidence that humans were created by extraterrestrials, mainly from the perspective of archaeology. You may be thinking "Extraterrestrial created humans ? What are you saying ? " But when we investigate, we see that it is quite highly possible.
 Why do UFOs visit us ? Do extraterrestrials exist ? The answer is yes. They exist. Extraterrestrials pilot UFOs. They often appear in front of us and appeal to us: "You see, there are extraterrestrials. Earthlings are not the only humans ." They are waiting for us to take notice. In archaeology, due to the reserch of Zecharia Sitchin, it is known that the manner in which humans were created was recorded on ancient clay-tablet documents in Iraq. In addition, many archaeologists and jounalists such as Graham Hancock have reached the conclusion that there was a common "third people,"who gave civilization to humans. I think OOPArts (out of place artifacts) and space archaeology, which up until now have been neglected, may be the key to solving the mystery of human beings.


 In the field of science, many geneticists have begun to assert that the human genetic code must have an author. In addition, belief in the theory of natural evolution is beginning to crumble, as if in announcement of the end of an old age.
 The creation of humans by extraterrestrials: The comprehension of this truth begins a new age. Why ? Because when we intellectualy comprehend that extraterrestrials exist, or in other words that space civilizations exist, exchanges with peaceful extraterrestrials, who are far more advanced than us, will begin. When this happens, current and economic systems will break down completely. In their place, all humans will be able to have very peaceful and happy lives.
 There seem to be many extraterrestrials, but the most important for us are the Elohim. This is because they are the ones who created all living things on earth, including human beings. The Elohim left their message to a French man Claude Vorilhon Rael.
 Regrettably, the God living above the clouds that our ancestors believed in does not exist. God was a convenient disguise for the Elohim. Atheism will come to be a basic assumption of the 21th centuries.
 If one hears this theory out of the blue, it may, naturally, sound crazy. However, when all the pieces of the puzzle are put together, a clean picture of the truth emerges. When you are in the mood, please take a moment to read read over these pages. You'll learn the truth of the earth !

   introduction   Who designed human genes ?
  In Texas , USA, the footprints of dinosaur and man were found in the same stratum.
  Darwinism is full of mistakes♪
  Creation of human beings by genetic processing written on Sumerian clay tablets 
 There is a possibility that the same extraterrestrials created thecivilizations of
      Mesopotamia, Egypt, Mexico, and Peru.
  The commonalities of Civilizations Part Two: Why do myths in the world have the
     same descriptions ?
  The word God in the Bible was originally Elohim, meaning "those who came down
      from the sky, " in Hebrew.
 A book of messages from the Elohim named "Intelligent Design Message from the
     Designers" exists !


  Buddha, Jesus, Mohammed and the Elohim
  This is the real Bible picture book     
 Relationship between the Elohim and Israel in the Bible and today    
  The pyramids in Egypt, 4500years and 12500years   

 I might have seen a UFO near Mount Fuji

   The Moon Princess is an Eloah !

  Mormonism is the teaching of Elohim


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